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  1. Thought I was in the wrong thread...
  2. Only 20 minutes of battery capacity, but otherwise it looks like a lot of fun: https://youtu.be/FzhREYOK0oo
  3. Try Riva del Garda at the north end of the lake. They got some racing boats and events over there some times.
  4. Is that a sand bag under his vest?
  5. Here is another write up https://www.sciencealert.com/canada-s-sea-got-so-boiling-it-cooked-thousands-of-shellfish-and-starfish-alive
  6. There is allegedly a brewery in Fucking that makes a beer called Fucking Hell.
  7. Well, I'm having a beer now and I hope you guys in the US will do the same. Have a few beers with your neighbours and put the guns back into the locker. Life is good.
  8. Wayne, this is the front end of a sheep. You probably turn that side facing the cliff, right?
  9. ato


    Purple font missing...
  10. They are taking a hit for their boss
  11. U mean a handcuffed person on his belly needs a knee to the neck? What sort of resisting did u see?
  12. I just saw this on BBC. Are these officers regular police? They have lost their minds! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52932611
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