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  1. Will the Lydowns eclipse their own 0-16 mark, and set the new bar for futility?. It is like watching a slow motion 60 year train wreck.
  2. That can be really complex and expensive to do, especially hot failover. It is not just a matter of setting up hardware, applications also have to be designed for it as well. Remote facilities, remote backups and such are far easier, but you can also be looking at 24 hours or more to get back, and no system backup is ever completely up to date. Throw in having to maintain the backup site at the same patch levels and configuration, and issues that always surface when you try that exercise.
  3. And I don’t see that as a bad thing. Did Dorothy ever get back to Kansas?
  4. Both foreverslow and Shanghaisailor are spot on. I have not been around this place much the last couple years, when I do I find the same people whining about the same things. How handicappers, race committees and protest committees, all volunteers ruined their recreational sailing. Trust me, there are far more fun things I could be doing than providing the organization for you to race. I like my vacation time as much as you do. If I have to drive in 40 minutes each way to hear a protest, how is it in my interest to chuck it on validity to make it go away?. The rules and cases that further
  5. This thread meanders like the guy who cuts my lawn. Who elected you the thread police?
  6. Thanks. Kegging the last few days, got a Vienna Lager, a Chech Budweis Pilsner, a Belgian dark strong ale, and a wheat ipa. The lagers have been conditioning for a few months, looking good. Spent a solid day and a half of COVID vacation cleaning kegs, taps, etc.
  7. Jesus I take a couple year sabbatical from this place, two shoulder surgeries later come back to find the same people arguing about the same shit. Go figure. :-)
  8. She became Nitemare for several years, then Warpath. Last I heard she was sitting in a shed in western Michigan without a keel.
  9. And the Blooper Gybe. Two of my brothers were on Dazy that summer.
  10. C27 decks tend to be soft, check that carefully. Also the mast step. Since the chain plates are in the wet locker and head wall, there isn’t much you can do except for backing plates on both sides. Older rigs used a casting for the lower shroud/spreader connection, have seen those fail. Back stay is good, you shouldn’t need to do anything. They are tough little boats, have fun.
  11. Actually, the established OEMs rely on independent dealer networks for service, they get the service revenue. Musk does his own service, and has ran afoul of dealer lobbies in several U.S. states. He also is far more heavily vertically integrated, producing more of the component parts in house.
  12. January 2,1997. Finally fulfilled a promise to my father made six months earlier as he lay dying from lung cancer from a lifetime of smoking. I have kept it, after the first couple years I didn’t miss it at all. Still smoke an occasional cigar. One of the wisest things I ever did.
  13. You guys are way overthinking this. I have a 20 foot center console that works pretty well for me. It has done race committee, served as a dive platform and lake runabout, not hard to get on and off the trailer, and pretty damn hard to hurt. Just hose it down, and it's happy. It takes chop and swells pretty well, None of the floating piano or things that can't fit in a slip or that you are afraid to actually use.
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