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  1. Thanks for the data Tom, glad the project is progressing. You are correct in addressing the challenge for such a boat - the exact target. It won't do everything just like my love affair Weta doesn't do everything, so it will be interesting to see what target is achieved. I saw the plug for the Rocket 44 in the shed where my F9r was being painted, and it is a good thing they cut it adrift. Imho designing and building market-targeted boats this size is many times harder than big boats and the 44 had a main hull rocker line that was shocking. The extra length of the 48 just looks good.
  2. I would check carefully for water inside the beams which would cause damage if expanding inside the bottom of the floats.
  3. Good question, OMR is great when all boats are measured but this race has always been an inclusive encouragement to get a good fleet to the first big race of the season. Hence PCF is used based on data from the winter series and outside club data. Only a few in this fleet had recent valid certificates.
  4. We just had a great weekend of racing on my old aussie multi and wanted to share a little vid of our Bribie Cup race on Saturday from Sandgate to Bribie Island, Moreton Bay. Wind started at 10 knots on the nose and was well above 20 by the finish in Bribie Passage. Sheets were eased a little for one leg where you will see a power boat having to hit the juice to get past in the chop. We hit 16 knots there and exceeded 20 a few times on the way home after the race with only screacher because we were enjoying beers. This is my 20 year old reno project F9R Full Bore, one of the lightweight
  5. This boat was a long term enjoyment project built by a guy who built the most beautiful F25 I have seen. This one is better with carbon art and the benefit of a modern design. Owner and wife retired now and have other plans with their other toys. I can vouch for the build but have no commercial interest. Peter
  6. I have seen this gorgeous boat in the flesh, won't last long after big price cut. https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sailing-trimaran/farrier-f-85-sr/262981
  7. Great boats, great bang for buck due to cheaper Asian cost to build. Hard to compare with other boats because each boat is owner customised. I raced extensively on a recent boat and found many of the systems too light in the interest of speed. Lots of lashings, soft shackles, felt like string theory. The retractable outboard system was messy and helped cause a bit of damage to the boat when we couldn't get motors going fast enough when shit got real. But oh so comfortable to cruise/race, and in a blue water race doing 26.6 knots upwind double reefed with no jib in 35 knots of wi
  8. Boomless F22 (which I named Boom! ) was ok most times cruising with no controls on rotation, but for racing we had port and starboard controls which were excellent. Only way to get 90 degree lock in light conditions downwind, as well as many other specific conditions. Especially important to be able to quickly lock rig in waves, even motoring where a free moving mast is not nice. Ian did not think it was needed but we convinced him otherwise. Peter H
  9. Just heard that some things are progressing in the engine room, wish I knew or could offer more. Wrong hemisphere for me. Sad face.
  10. I have just dug through the Aus archives and can only find software specific files for the F27 beams, just emailed to Bunyip . The data on production boats is all like that. So I have sent the files as well as the more easily read F82 plan data. But as I often repeat here, all F boat requests for help should go to the forum at https://fct.groups.io/g/main The group is huge , and the knowledge base massive. With over 450 F27's built, it is very likely that a beam or two is waiting for some love there. I must add though that imho the F27 beams were among the most overbuilt of al
  11. Post a message on the groups.io F boats forum, you will get good advice and often spare parts. I have the beam layup plans for all models if you need them.
  12. Sorry but lengthen the small hull to match the other and you would have a safer and more practical craft for these people. That rigging and steering complication is just ridiculous imho.
  13. If it looks like a Jarcat and smells like a Jarcat.... That beam. Sorry, but don't bother, it is not really going to behave like a multihull, hence the Mac comments.
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