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  1. If it looks like a Jarcat and smells like a Jarcat.... That beam. Sorry, but don't bother, it is not really going to behave like a multihull, hence the Mac comments.
  2. We all have our favourites but in OZ where Ian has many of Corsair and Farriers, you would find most owners as biased as I am. Ian always said if you want wood and lots of furniture, get a mono, so his design philosophy that we all aspire to is light and fast, even if you mainly cruise, all about the payload. You can find some of his designs with extra stuff if you need the comfort level. The later Dragonfly certainlylooks comfy inside but we are guided here by the few that arrived on our shores not performing too well on the racecourse or the depreciation schedule, and there are those wa
  3. Call me biased (again) but on behalf of all the Corsair and Farrier owners imho all these comments and criteria are missing the fact that you just need the easiest budget version you can find of Sprint, Tramp, F22, Pulse, FOLDING Farrier or Corsair tri which will fit into hardstand at your club or at home, with well maintained mast raising gear that gets easier each time you use it. These boats are built, most of us can find a few for sale a tank of gas away, and most of them can be sailed safely within a few days of buying. As my dad said when I looked at plans 7 trimarans ago, "do
  4. Sadly the insurance auction has lost the main hull. A few of us were eyeing off the cassette rudder which looked intact compared to the rest. Floats would help a home builder perhaps. https://www.pickles.com.au/damaged-salvage/item/-/details/Unbranded--Catamaran/3040188050
  5. Rig was ripped off by reef and hulls written off and deposited on the sand. Very sad.
  6. Great boat, looks in good shape, congrats!
  7. Last time I tried coming back from that position I called it the "eunuch maker"....
  8. That is a lovely boat. Not a practical folder I think but still better than a Diam in that way. Yummy.
  9. Oh dear, designed for easy construction and never to be maintained..... Only a guess but it looks like the square glass bottom plates are only a cover, which when removed allow access to screws securing the V shaped brackets to drop down with cboard complete. Because the hull is narrow, and designers want a low pivot point for Max board depth, this design would not allow enough width to get a traditional bolt across the board from inside. IMHO of course.
  10. Sorry the club had to do that, there are strict conditions on the govt lease and club is sticking to the rules while the lease is on the table. Cruising cat takes up a lot more of a teeny creek than woody boats, and all it takes is one commercial operator to complain....
  11. Wow, did not know any apple stuff missed the rubbish bin years back.
  12. Scanas, you guys had Matrix going well yesterday in the light stuff, think I prefer Saturday wind if we play again!
  13. Twas a great weekend for all, although I am obviously biased towards my little club's efforts. Highlight was the great blast reach Saturday for the 10 nm leg from Bris Rds to D Bay red (18.6 knots!), many options for quiet beers or Geronimo style big partying that night, and a lovely soft wind glide home Sunday. No politics or protests, just good sailing with good people, all looking forward to the St Helena Cup in 2 weeks, hopefully we can all play together.
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