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  1. I have a "Stack pack" setup on my boat and I love it! It makes dropping the sail much easier, although it is not perfect. I do still have to get up and straighten the leech out to get it all the way down because the full battens can get fouled up in the loose sail, but at least it is all contained. You can get the sail down and contained, and then tidy it up and zip the bag later. For reefing the bag keeps the loose sail contained so there is no need to lash it down. Combined with the single line reefing on my boat it takes less than a minute to put the reef in with no need to leave the cockpi
  2. Holy crap! That's not your grandpa's blow-up doll! I'm not sure that's the kind of thing one should buy used....
  3. Not mocking the boat per se, but this guy just bought this boat for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2500 a few weeks ago, moved it to a relatively remote location, and now is hoping to triple his money! The boat was languishing on the market when the previous owner was asking a lot less for it. It seems to me that trying to flip old craigslist boats is a bit of a fool's game...I'll be interested to see how long it is listed for. https://vancouver.craigslist.org/nvn/boa/d/halfmoon-bay-27-sun-sailboat/6866647695.html
  4. That boat is in DCYC. I just had a look onboard the other day, and it looks ok considering she has been sitting unused for a long time. She has been kept well covered up, which helps. The outboard looks pretty new. Somebody buy her! We need the mooreage space!
  5. Yeah you just wait! That buck is gonna come back in a couple of years with his manly rack to challenge you for your territory. You and your lawn chair wont stand a chance!
  6. Lol! Yeah everything else works great...because con rods just snap for no reason, and NEVER do any collateral damage when they do....
  7. Lol! The choices! It really depends on how sporty you want to go! Some of the boats suggested are very powered up race boats with nice interiors. They might be a bit of a hand full to sail short handed, depending on your skill level and comfort zone. Others are more "performance cruisers" that are still quick, but aren't all out racers. If you aren't a racer, (and the fact that you dont know phrf tells me you aren't) I suggest you look towards the latter. Whatever boats you look at, checking their phrf handicap is a good indication of their relative performance potential. The
  8. Nope, big oil has been playing this game long before the Kinder Morgan expansion came along. You can call us three huggers all you want....Kinder Morgan is right in my back yard, and across the inlets from my local waterfront park. I am ok with it as it stands. I can live with the level of tanker traffic we have now...but I dont want to see that traffic quadrupled. We treasure our natural environment, and it is a huge part of our economy. Alberta wants us to put all of that at risk so that they can make more money selling their dirty low grade oil to China. There is very little in it for
  9. condition: excellent length overall (LOA): 21 make / manufacturer: Aquarius model name / number: 21 propulsion type: sail year manufactured: 1971 "1971 Aquarius Sailboat. Completely rebuilt as an adventure blue water micro-cruiser. If you don't know what this is you don't need it. This is a specialty boat built to cross the pacific ocean for adventures who want to set records on a small boat across a big ocean safely. It has everything needed to set a record for small boat travel. " Come on guys, ya gotta read! He says "if you don't know what this is, you
  10. It's a Jeanneau 39i. The Cove is a great place to have the boat, 5min from my house! Getting out to the bay only takes a couple of hours. Maybe less with a 7.5kt cruising speed!
  11. Ah Sloop! Ya should have bought my Santana! Anyway here are both my boats on the day we took delivery of our new boat Azura a couple of weeks ago!
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