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  1. last year on a decent swell....
  2. I've made the decision to learn to kite surf. The potential to move into a foil board is high - someday.
  3. To be clear.. I am sure the ocean is dirty as well, but its a little more natural and my preference. When I was a kid I rode some other kids bike off the high dive (maybe 15' ?) into the pool and got kicked out. My experience with pools is challenging.
  4. Capri 22. Boat rated 210. If you can still see them - you win! I had one and had a lot of fun.
  5. Thanks Sailman - I am in southern California. Frustrating that there just isn't much on the market and even a shortage of brand new motors. First world problems.... Cheers!
  6. I need a 5 HP motor with an internal fuel tank - craiglist is full of crap and the dealers dont have motors - any ideas are appreciated.
  7. I'm trying to imagine a surf trip in Baja with an electric vehicle......
  8. My wife laughed.....
  9. Why not do both - options are key. Random leg with the right angles go with the asym. deeper angles use the symmetrical.
  10. Crew of Two race next weekend - With the right boat I bet its fun. Come out and play! http://www.southshoreyc.com/racing/item/43-crew-of-two.html
  11. Went sailing with Dad and some good friends, hit the shift and managed to stay close to the bigger boats upwind. Put up my Dads favorite kite at the turning mark to head home. Handed him a beer. Motor started at harbor entrance. Good day.
  12. I use gas stabilizer in the outboard - I hate engines - please don't tell her I was talking about her - need to motor up the coast tomorrow. Little Bitch.
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