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  1. thanks for the visual..
  2. Cool stuff Sleddog and Timmy - appreciate the posts.
  3. Not sure whats happening here but its funny as hell.
  4. X-15 video was super interesting.
  5. So I would like to upgrade the hiking pads for the boat. Something like the Hutchinson Melges 24 pads would be awesome - but thinking of other options as well. Up close on some of the high end programs I have seen what looks like custom almost leather pads that are thicker than the west marine grade stuff. Any idea how to get something like that made and who could do it on the west coast (like newport). Cheers!
  6. Zihuantanejo / Troncones
  7. I dont care enough to notice the difference. maybe I pressed the ignore button? so confused...
  8. I want the mast...
  9. The Cherokee is a great choice - unless you are doing washboard roads - the shock tower rubber grommets blow out constantly and the car is light - so it floats when you have speed and tends to fishtail around. I loved mine - looked surprisingly like the one for sale in the thread. If you are going slow and over stuff the Cherokee is awesome. The manual 5 speed was cool too. After the Cherokee I lifted a 1999 suburban with the 7.4L V8 and used that to tow the boat and go to Mexico and blow through gas like crazy. It cost me about $2500 per trip in broken stuff. But it made washboa
  10. That's how the border run was back in the day - did it once. I am almost certain the guy that did win that year did what Parma suggested. Great ride back upwind to get the boat back to newport (sarcasm font). Never again without a trailer or much bigger boat.
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