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  1. It is normal for german exports to drop when countries are running into financial problems. That was my major problem with brexshit a year ago if you remember.
  2. https://m.dw.com/en/coronavirus-germany-declares-uk-a-virus-variant-region/a-57628027 https://twitter.com/GermanEmbassy/status/1395839175933444098?s=20
  3. Honourable Members, On this point of compliance, I know that there was some reluctance in different parts of the House on whether it is right to ratify this Agreement when existing commitments are not being respected by one side. I agree with you that this Agreement on paper is only as good as implementation and enforcement in practice. And I share the concerns you have on unilateral actions by the United Kingdom since the Agreement came into provisional application. We have obviously seen a number of issues arise since then. Some were to be expected, others are teething issues and m
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.welt.de/politik/ausland/article230674913/Brexit-Bruessel-droht-den-Briten-mit-Strafzoellen.html In short:EU will ratify TCA today and will directly start to implement tariffs....
  5. Today's news in german papers.. This report highlights the damage that Brexit has already done to the City of London. More than 440 firms in banking and finance have moved or are moving part of their business, staff, assets or legal entities from the UK to the EU. While this is higher than previous estimates, it underestimates the real picture – and the potential longer term impact https://newfinancial.org/topics/brexit/
  6. Why? Have seen many Brits working in the western EU in the past... maybe due to this: Disposable income The UK has six of the ten poorest regions in North West Europe in terms of disposable income (East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire; Northern Ireland; South Yorkshire; Durham and Tees Valley; West Wales and the Valleys; and the West Midlands). There are a further 5 regions below the EU average - Lancashire; Northumberland/Tyne and Wear; Merseyside; West Yorkshire; and Greater Manchester. Variations in disposable income are less pronounced than in GDP per capita. There is
  7. Seems Brexit is done for most in the EU. Would love to ratify the TCA and don't think about it anymore. Looks like the UK is the place where Brexit still is not done. No proper implementation of WA in NI, no chance for England to get their border control posts ready in time, no way to get the EU to ratify the great BJ Deal. Which will lead to new international trouble. Get your Brexit done, stay on your island and we are all happy.
  8. Gov.uk: JCVI currently advises that it is preferable for adults aged <30 years without underlying health conditions that put them at higher risk of severe COVID-19 disease, to be offered an alternative COVID-19 vaccine, if available Stiko germany: Warum ist der AstraZeneca-Impfstoff nur noch für Personen ≥60 Jahre empfohlen? Seit dem 01.04.21 empfiehlt die STIKO die Impfung mit dem Impfstoff Vaxzevria der Firma AstraZeneca nur noch Personen im Alter von ≥60 Jahre. Der Grund für diese Altersbeschränkung liegt in den seltenen Fällen von Throm
  9. Bullshit as usual. Only Denmark has stopped using AZ so far, it is used in GER for people older than 60, elsewhere 55, and on some plague islands for 30 years and older. But it makes sense to increase production of safer vaccines and stop ordering/producing unsafe stuff, or? Maybe not in countries that have no other options, and a large proportion of their people are so dumb to believe even in the most insane lies.
  10. As far as I know many stopped deliveries to GB. That's not good, but german online shops have at least 27 other countries in the EU they can deliver without any problems , and to deliver the ROW is up until now no big deal. UK online shops also either stopped exporting to EU or moved partly or at least the warehouse to the EU, especially if they are also hit by rules of origin (like selling wetsuits or sailing gear made in the far east). Otherwise they would lose the market of 27 of the richest markets in the world. And it is not that the EU made some "new rules" especially for the UK li
  11. You urgently need to go to a doctor. Ask for a brain replacement.
  12. Stop mixing up stuff. Brexit has already cost more than the UK has paid into the EU system in 40 years. Where are your sunlit uplands? Some very rich guys who sponsored vote leave are very happy not to be controlled by the EU so money laundering can go on, but what's about the other 99.99% of your population?
  13. Hmmmm, looks like AZ and UK are getting new problems: https://www.politico.eu/article/merkel-and-spahn-no-more-oxford-astrazeneca-vaccines-for-under-60s/
  14. (Reuters) - AstraZeneca should ramp up its Covid-19 vaccine deliveries to the European Union after the alleged discovery of some 29 million jabs in Italy, a German government source said on Wednesday. "Maybe there is an opportunity now to boost deliveries (to the EU) significantly, which is what the CEO (of AstraZeneca) had promised", the source said.
  15. British exports to EU: Oops Salmon (Lachs) - 98%..
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