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  1. I agree with pironiero as a box rule or type form would help push some boundaries and attract more designers/builders.
  2. The Chance family donated all his work to the Mystic Seaport Museum (Connecticut, USA). When I contacted the Librarian (Mindy) there a couple years ago they had not formally catalogued his work, so finding specific drawings for a design can take time. I was suggested to visit the museum, but seeing you are overseas that might be a challenge. Regards, Dan
  3. #8 Zulu Warrior has been on the hard for years at PAX NAS near Solomons MD
  4. Isn't Carrot one of Ted Turners old boats?
  5. Came across this... 12 meter US-49 http://www.molnar-marine.com/us49-4sale.html
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