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  1. Better take that question to one of the Laser / ILCA tomes.....
  2. I would assume that someone with good CFD skills coupled with knowledge of the polymer being used and specific extruder design could do a nice analysis showing the areas of high stress in these long, extruded plastic tracks.
  3. You may get better responses if you post this in Dinghy Anarchy. My memory is fuzzy but I think there were 2-3 different options offered when this OD-14 was being sold.
  4. Given the price of lumber in the US, that may be the best deal posted here in a long time!
  5. https://www.ussailing.org/news/finn-fleet-revival/
  6. Great! Those carriers were built and first used in 1979!
  7. @Admiral Hornblowerlooks like the North American class uses Facebook. I looked and couldn’t find any scheduled regattas for 2021. Midwinters was cancelled back in March. Next worlds have been pushed back from 2022 to 2024
  8. To add about the lots of vang - upwind for sure so when you ease the sheet in a big puff the sail doesn't power up. Downwind you'll need to ease the vang some (less than "two-block" tight which is minimum vang tightness for the hiking conditions shown in your pictures) but how much I don't know based on current line of thinking. Are there other Lasers / Radials in your local club that you can go tune with? Especially faster sailers - go out and sail against them and compare plus you're getting time in the boat.
  9. if the boat / mast are only 8 months old, it seems that RS should be pulling out all of the stops to send you a new mast free of charge as someone definitely made a mistake. The small section of track replacement is an easy job if that is what you are forced to do. Someone mentioned rivets - NO WAY.
  10. I don't sail an Aero but I would not call that "damage" as much as an intentional modification made by someone else. Did you buy the boat used? I had a Weta trimaran with a cheap plastic sail track (not the nice track on the Aero mast) that became worn at the top few centimeters. Instead of purchasing a new mast, the Weta dealer sold me a length of sail track (few dollars) and a tube of 3M 5200. Easy repair. For the Aero, recommend consulting some experienced Aero sailers (paging @tillerman for example) and get their opinion before going the expensive dealer route.
  11. Good luck and, most important, have fun! @Gouvernailmay have some local info since that area is his old stomping ground!
  12. I used to have a Weta. Great boat for singlehanding or with two people. Stable and nifty way to recover should you capsize (see the videos). There is something for the 2nd person to do - fly the gennaker - so they are not just along for the ride. Of course with two, you would loose some performance but definitely not like taking two people on a Laser. In my opinion, based on owning one, if you can leave the boat rigged on a dolly it is great. Not much more effort required to go sailing than with a Sunfish. However, if you must assemble / disassemble each time, that would get old f
  13. I took a quick look at the Maine Craigslist - you have quite a selection of reasonably priced boats from which to choose! Along with the Snipe, the ones that stand out to me are a Mercury (keel so that may not be desired), Flying Scot, Wayfarer, Mariner (CB version), Lightning and O'Day Daysailer. If you goal is a nice boat to go sailing and have fun without a lot of athleticism required, these are good options. You wouldn't want to beach launch any nor have to rig and ramp launch each time you go sailing but on a mooring could be good.
  14. Merlin Rocket - What we're missing here... https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/196102/The-Sorcerers-Apprentice
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