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  1. YouTube this...Sam Holmes sailing to Hawaii on a Ranger 23. He seemed quite comfortable. A little nuts perhaps but he made it.
  2. Hi there. Sailed a Pelican solo in west end of Lake Erie about 55 years ago. Home built and given to us by our neighbor. It was very sturdy little boat and able to stand up to a good breeze. Had a whole lot of hours in that little boat. If a young kid, like me, can solo around Lake Erie you know it's safe in a breeze.
  3. The core is a synthetic foam, not mentioned so far. So, if the core is indeed moist it will not rot and grow as balsa would, Seen no mention of that issue so far. If you decide not to buy the boat could you let me know ? Been searching for quite a spell. Thanks.
  4. I have an S2 7.9 sailed on West End of Lake Erie which often gets very ugly. Boat is stiff enough that we routinely spank larger (CS30's) upwind in 20 knots. The S2 class association has a letter signed by NA's G & S stating the 7.9 easily passed the righting moment test with the board up. G&S were two of the best naval architects designing many very successful boats. The 7.9 has 1200 #'s of lead in the floor of the boat and 600 #'s of lead in the board for a near 50% ballast ratio. Those that are second guessing the quality or safety of the 7.9 are uninformed and are offering perso
  5. Nope, not an OMC saildrive. A few were fitted with diesels. The OMC saildrives last for decades in fresh water. If you look after them. Most folks don't take the time to learn.
  6. In northern Europe citizens can see that their governments are making good use of their taxes and therefore support their gov'ts. Trudeau's government wastes our tax revenue at an alarming rate. Paying Covid benefits to anyone who had a $5,000 income in prior year. This led to many high school students bombing around Lake St. Clair on their brand new jet skis paid by government benefits. This does convince me of prudent use of my tax dollars. Have a look at this !!
  7. Our very Liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau is really quite a dope. Prior to politics his work experience included white water rafting instructor, ski instructor and elementary school teacher. He is hard pressed to explain the difference between a trade surplus and a trade deficit. He admired Castro and his "basic dictatorship" along with some level of admiration for communist China. He was quite upset over Castro's death. Some of his more stellar moments include firing his female indigenous Minister of Justice when she wouldn't agree to his plan to pass on prosecuting a Quebec construc
  8. Folks around here (west end of Lake Erie) have repowered Abbott 33's with Johnson 8 or 10 HP two cycle outboard powerheads fitted to their original sail drive legs. Don't know all the details but essentially a half inch thick piece of aluminum adapted to the powerhead worked great. Dirt cheap and very reliable,
  9. Hello Commotion

    i saw you mention Creekmore 23 and Creekmore 7 meter in some of your posts.

    Do you know what PHRF rating these boats have. I been trying to look up the ratings and have found nothing.

    Thank you



  10. Years ago we tried adjusting PHRF ratings based on a skipper's performance. Skippers would buy new sails, the most expensive bottom paint, smallest possible o/b motor and still not be able to win ever! So, RC had the brainwave they would bump ratings based on their difference in secs/mile from the winning boat. Think you can guess what happened. Things got WAY out of whack. And then the guys with the big bumps would bring more skilled helmsmen on board and that in combination with the now much friendly rating would kick ass. Moral is, if you decide to adjust ratings away from PHRF you need
  11. Look for a boat with a tiller !!
  12. Sonars are great boats but I would look for a Kirby 25. Faster, more reasonable rating, foam cored deck so no moisture issues but less comfortable cockpit. And enough cabin for a couple todo a weekend. I raced one for several years and had more fun than on any of the many otherboats I'v been through. Either way you'll have as much fun as you would on a dinghy.
  13. Never give up ! Suffered a stoke 14 months ago. Was told all my recovery would be done in 12 months. They were wrong. Every day is different along my recovery route. I notice little improvements continuously, each and every day. Quite amazing really.
  14. Two by two from your nearest lumber store will tide you over. Oak is best.
  15. Lost my brother to melanoma last summer. Fair skinned and had no fear through years of power boating of the damage sun cold do. It was a miserable death.
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