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  1. 150 thread views and not a single opinion so far, huh. That's not the SA I'm familiar with! I have no personal experience, but the reviews I've read from what seem to be pro sailors and industry professionals plus the number of excellent videos posted on this boat make it seem like a no-brainer. Looks like a well thought out boat that does what it's designed to do very well. If I had a spare 30 or 40k lying around I'd order one, with the code f and wing sail options.
  2. I'd like to hear more about the 20 other serious and silly issues you've encountered, if you don't mind. I was looking at the First 27 SE model. Perhaps I should stick with a used Seascape 27.
  3. Shuttleworth Design it seems. https://www.ship-technology.com/projects/mayflower-autonomous-research-ship-mars/
  4. Good luck in your search! Hope you can find a used one. I'll be on the market in a few months looking for a 27. I've been watching Tula's Endless Summer on Youtube and that 880 does seem to be a fun boat. One of their latest episodes shows them racing at the Corsair Nationals and destroying their chute.
  5. Not too many on the market right now. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats-for-sale/make-corsair/model-970/ Have you sailed on a 970? Neat boat.
  6. Some interesting info, thanks everyone for your replies. The 'mast up on the trailer' option for F/C boats seems to be a popular method around here.
  7. EarthBM, could you please elaborate on what you think makes DF a better boat to be docked at a slip than an F/C and vice versa, why an F/C is appropriate for weekend dry sailing? Thanks!
  8. Question addressed to Paul K: "Rapido 30"? You and your team obviously have lots of work to do right now, but would this be considered as a possibility in the future?
  9. Nice idea, thanks! I like the remotely operated unit.
  10. A bronze seacock would work just as well, yep! Might be easier to use as well, with the larger lever! I'll be making a visit to the local chandlery this weekend, cheers!
  11. I believe I've found my solution. $27 on Amazon. No, I don't work for the company.
  12. Hehe, it's def a first world problem! It's awkward for me (6'3") and darn near impossible for anyone with shorter arms. I did read that debris in the one way flapper valves is a problem. The plug is exterior. Not a lot of room on the transom and since it's sort of wineglass shaped I'd just be standing on a step directly beneath the dinghy. A lever valve would actually be nice, then I wouldn't have to mess with inserting/removing the plug, just flipping the lever.
  13. Salutations! I have a Boatex 10 hard fiberglass dinghy that is usually kept on davits. I normally keep the transom drain plug out when on the davits to keep the dinghy filling with water from rain etc. and putting an un-necessary strain on the davits with the extra weight. This means that I need to awkwardly reach out to screw in/remove the drain plug often. The dinghy has a sailing kit and is used for rowing, sailing and occasionally with a 2.5 HP OB. I've seen one way transom scupper valves but they all seem to state not for use under the waterline. Does anyone have experie
  14. The fboat site back in 2002 was interesting. https://web.archive.org/web/20020602175041/http://fboat.com/ web.archive might also find some good stuff for f-boat.com, which has broken links on it now.
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