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  1. This is one of many catches I see where I wonder if they could have done it without the gloves.....damn athletic catch! (even though it was tactically stupid, cost them over 20 yds)
  2. I will only lick your balls on the weeks when they are clean. Sorry, I have standards....
  3. There are countries that could accommodate your wishes and assure all women are completely covered at all times. You could move there.....
  4. I'm glad I don't have a prima donna like you on my boat, unless you were being sarcastic which is possible I suppose.
  5. I installed a SeeLevel system on my 320. In lieu of gray water I monitor the second water tank. No complaints so far (second season).
  6. I had the same problem, when I used the hot water it stank. I learned that you have to use it more (makes sense it would get nasty I guess). Whenever I use any water I run hot. When I do that it doesn't stink.
  7. Put it up when it is blowing 20 and let God decide.
  8. I am guessing that it is a temporary "rutter" but as someone else stated it was not installed on the water. Maybe the owner thought he could survive a while with it and found out how interesting it was to steer with. I wouldn't want to steer it. Someone in my neck of the woods (a Catalina 30 I believe) ended the season with a piece of osb screwed to the remnants of the rudder. Hey, it got him home!
  9. I have a '93 320 (hull #6). It had a noticeable "smile" when I purchased it. The surveyor said to torque the keelbolts when the boat was next on the hard. I did and the "smile" disappeared......it may be worth a try.
  10. Seems to me the real racists are the ones who look at a picture and start counting races. We sure are a long way from MLKs "colorblind society". Liberals often make things worse (in Portland, Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit to name a few) and then yell about racism when the system breaks down. (maybe it was their racism that helped it collapse in the first place) This doesn't surprise me coming from the Ed. Sometimes throwing a rhetorical bomb helps your clicks I guess....
  11. My 320 had a smile that magically healed when I properly torqued the keelbolts. I wonder how long the previous owner let it be that way knowing there "are" Catalina smiles....
  12. I have hull #6. I love every inch of the boat. It is definitely not light air friendly (we have beer can racing on Tuesday nights) but when it pipes up (say 20 plus), watch out! The cockpit is definitely one of our favorite parts, its where we spend most of our time!
  13. I remember merthiolate as being the one that stung (I'm sure the iodine did as well). They banned both merthiolate and mercurochrome in the 90s due to mercury content. Scary that we used to play with mercury when we were kids. I wonder why there is so much cancer......
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