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  1. deleted with the news of the collision! I was looking on vessel finder earlier and thought there were a lot of fishing boats in the area!!! Bugger!
  2. Bestaven by 30 minutes on corrected time. Any takers?
  3. I got one in the lap one night, scared the crap out of me as I was half asleep at the time.
  4. I know a few women like Clarisse here in Zurich (same mannerisms). Generally I'd agree with cortosam, not my type for sure. However, in her case she's proved in the Classe Mini that she's a hell of a sailor and she's doing great so far in this race so she's ok by me.
  5. well not if the same appendages can do either job ;-)
  6. Considering he's got a ripped zipper on his J2 and no hydro I'm ok with easing off. Pretty sure he's no slacking.
  7. It's quite possible to control pitch with variable sweep. If movement in that axis also give damage mitigation then it's not a bad idea.
  8. It's the Vendee Globe. As much as I would love them all to finish, statistics show about half of them will not.
  9. Whales: link Containers: link other garbage: ???
  10. 11. MASCF vs Initiatives Coeur - the girls are going at it hammer and tongs. (insert own joke as required)
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