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  1. I have watched "the war" with interest and was saddened it made the newpaper. What is happening to our sport ? The AS member protection policy has procedures and intent defined. It should form the basis of assessing a complaint fairly and transparently but also confidentially no matter who it is from. In this case its all about bully behaviour. The key is to find facts and form recommended actions. A complaint can include all sorts of demands for punishment. They should be ignored when dealing with a complaint, it is up to the club who is hearing the complaint to determine whate
  2. With such a big Sydney to Hobart this year are we going to see people doing the Melbourne to Hobart ? Hope so, would be sad to see the race suffer from disinterest and apathy. Heading down that isolated coast in the big swells is pretty memorable.
  3. Melbourne to Osaka is hotting up, it starts next week staggered start across 3 weeks. Interesting healthy fleet although a few dropped out along the way, was going to be 35 or so, now its 20 which isn't bad. There will be a Tracker running plus a virtual race (Sailonline) - interesting to see if arm chair sailors can beat the fleet, will be based on a Sunfast 3600 as there are three of those racing for real. Plus a Race TV show.
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