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  1. True. They are literally in pre-trial lockup, which is basically what people call "Jail". When he goes to real prison, he will pine away for the days in "Jail". I do love that the "law & order" crew are getting a first hand tour of the system they built and supported. I would be a fool to think they will become "prison reform" citizens when they get out.
  2. I never noticed that the Spirit 54 in the movie had no stanchions and lifelines installed.
  3. That's what water balloon canons are for.
  4. Yea, Onset is really tough at max flow. Also, the mosquitoes in Onset are legendary. Hope you brought bug spray and screens on your boat. You probably understand clearly now why you can't go against the tide there on a sailboat.
  5. Wow. So sorry to hear. It's one of my biggest fears.
  6. True. I was amazed how quickly the stuff showed up at my door step. Incredible. And, yes, the 316 is what I was ordering there for a boat project.
  7. I noticed the floating docks not connected to the land in Lyman-Morse. Was that a strange setup? Never seen that before.
  8. If Ajax doesn't mind, I do have a Maine question since I am going to be in this neck of the woods soon. Coming from Boothbay, and you were to pick one destination up north, where would you go for a harbor with a marina that offers slips and walkable town from the docks? Rockport? Camden? Belfast?
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