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  1. No, the feet don't get at all hot but I do keep a small thin piece of plywood to place it on...just because. Use the 11lb aluminum gas tank with a 6' hose also.
  2. Back with grills. After struggling not to char or downright forge everything on the round Magma we now have considerably better success with this little Dickinson. It stows nicely in the laz. and I added a handle to it's top to facilitate lifting it in and out. Portability allows for on-deck use or on windy nights it works well on a cockpit seat.
  3. 1978 Sailboat 39foot - boats - by owner - marine sale (craigslist.org) Well stocked... includes a souvenir.
  4. same here for same reasons. 10K displacement; 12K loaded; west coast Canada to Mexico cruising.
  5. Years ago a friend motored by a nice floating sheep skin jacket on his way home from the Delta. Always wanting one, he spun the boat around to retrieve it but discovered it was occupied. Notified the Coasties and reluctantly obliged when instructed to standby. Soon as the Coasties hauled the unfortunate soul aboard he pulled along side and asked "think I could have that sheepskin jacket? He won't be needing it any more"....
  6. yes and yes. See your point but have done so with two prior boats and have not yet found one to loosen, even after long passages. Easy enough to include a lock washer, a good point and perhaps I will. Note that if the bottle does rotate it blocks the screw from backing out. I do dislike cotter pins, taping, removing, etc. in this application and can drill and tap the holes in about the time it takes me to properly install cotter pins so that there is nothing sharp.
  7. Threaded for 10/24; no nuts. Goop the screw with Lanocoat
  8. Easy and speedy; nothing sharp, no tape.
  9. Crash, the skeg was by request of the original owner as he believed the protection more suited to his ideal of a cruising boat...or so he told us. We do enjoy being able to let go of the tiller and that skeg has sloughed off kelp, pots and long lines over the years; however, we considered replacing the rudder with a balanced spade to the extent we have had one designed. Maybe some day.
  10. disliking cotter pins I drill and carefully tap the holes for #10 x 28 x 5/8" s/s pan head screws. Easy to do and lanocoat leaves them easy to remove.
  11. Thank-you T. She's a Volker/Frers 33' one off. West cold molded. Wet again, ahhh.
  12. Busy yards on the left coast also. Our turn to splash tomorrow.
  13. +1. Flag blue with narrow cream stripe between will do nicely.
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