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  1. Alan, There are a number of do-able daylight passages to reasonable anchorages along the Baja West coast; however, you may want to plan for one overnight heading south from Bahia Santa Maria or Mag Bay to Cabo. After Ensenada we had good luck at San Quintin, Cedros, Turtle Bay, Asuncion, Abreojos, Bahia Santa Maria and Mag Bay with all providing good holding and protection. Our experience with stopping along the way was restful and far more memorable. Recommend that you pick up a couple of the excellent available cruising guides to compare their descriptions and recommendations.
  2. When day sailing in local waters we keep a quart size container with handle next to the sink and ask users to pump then flush with a container (or two) of fresh water. For infrequent usage this method is really not too much of a hassle and it keeps the system free of salt water.
  3. thanks, flood it will be.
  4. Planning to re-paint aging Awlgrip on the cabin top and deck this summer again using Awlgrip. Several years ago I replaced the port lights using Dow 795 for bedding and water continues to bead where excess silicone was wiped off the paint around these windows. Think Allprep T0008 will remove this contamination after the surface is thoroughly sanded? I test sanded a small area and find that the 795 appears to have penetrated into the top coat of paint as water continues to bead up. Any thoughts or experience appreciated.
  5. somebody's daughter...and she could be well under 18. sayin.
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