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  1. I heard Alex say that a lot of the boats have the "same" mast. Is it literally the same mast? Copies of each other?
  2. Just wondering, is AT planning on continuing around the world? I was assuming he was done sailing but hadn't thought of him repairing the boat and keeping going.
  3. Just wondering, on most of the boats, is it possible to jettison the foil entirely if it was damaged enough to either be useless or dangerous? Seems like the amount of UFOs is increasing exponentially from previous years? If it were all shipping containers though I think the damage would be greater than damage to one foil.
  4. yes also I don't think the guy was probably using a stopwatch while all this happened. I imagine if the entire bow ripped off the boat and went vertical, the boat was sinking very quickly, particularly if the keel was attached to the aft end.
  5. Not an expert by any means but it seems like it was just lucky he was able to get his raft and get in it. Finding him in his survival suit and retrieving him seems close to impossible. It seems like this could have gone much worse very easily.
  6. I'm trying to understand this, does it mean that on the crest of a wave the boat is accelerating on the foils down the wave to the extent that it wants to drive the boat under on the bottom of the wave, increasing the force on the bottom? As cool as the foils are, it seems like overall it's a negative on the race. It really seems to increase the percentage of luck in the race, just being lucky enough to get through it without ripping your foils off puts you in the lead. And it seems to decapitate the best racers, if they lose a foil. The boats seem just seaworthy enough without foils.
  7. These people are superhuman. They seem pretty chill on top of being brave. "One of the other skippers; yeah, I guess so... Even my girlfriend was in tears when she learned what happened... So I can imagine for your mother... Kevin: yeah, but that's because your girlfriend likes me very much...." I hope after my boat breaks in half I can still crack some jokes.
  8. Did you notice Jean Le Cam was making no progress for quite a while before the announcement was made? Or maybe I wasn't following it closely as far as the updates. It felt like I saw him overlapping Escoffier's boat on the map for quite a while prior to the announcement. Either they are tight lipped about it or I wasn't paying attention.
  9. I don't know much about sailing these boats or the Southern Ocean but how hard is it to sail upwind or even to maintain your ground there if it's blowing? I kinda thought it was a one way ride more or less. Can you make progress to windward in one of these boats if you facing big seas and wind?
  10. For the record that's a heavily rebuilt DC-3 with turboprops (I believe). I think it's one of these, although I don't see them listed as an operator. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basler_BT-67 It seems insane that he does not have some sort of sat phone in the raft? Or does he? I as a poor sailor had a Delorme with me at all times and ready to go over the side. I'm sure his winch handles cost more. Very scary. I would imagine there's no point in searching in the dark, more chance of running him down than anything. Also rescuing someone when you have gigantic wings comin
  11. totally You give me hope that when it comes time to sell, I will only lose a whole lot of money, not all the money.
  12. It slides out. Brilliant use of space on a small boat. That is pretty cool. I'd be concerned I was going to wear out my hoses though and sink the boat?
  13. Nice but there's a wicked kink in the sheer.
  14. American yard, yup. North shore massachusetts. The boat has a prop coming out the side on starboard I think. Owner is a really nice fellow. The boat is ridiculously small below (makes the triton look luxurious). And the rigging looks pretty light to my eye. But it's so beautiful. Weird euro winches.
  15. This folkboat is in the yard I'm in. So smitten with this boat. It's laughibly small down below but it's so beautiful.
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