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  1. The lyrics.. ugh, the man... ugh, but the guitar solo in Stranglehold is... it is really good. Now I think I'll go and watch "Bill Cosby: Himself"
  2. The girlfriend of a kitefoiler must have spectacular tits. Let's see em noob.
  3. I assume that costs more to ship but less to commission? Do you actually save some coin that way?
  4. Might actually be enough for an inside gybe. Kudos for leaving the drill in the toolbox.
  5. I can't see why a Libertarian bureaucrat would be any different than a Republican one. They have an ideology to defend. De Vos, Bolton, DeJoy, Pai, the list goes on. Supporting the argument that Government doesn't work by making sure that Government doesn't work.
  6. Well yeah, not a lot there to hate. They are like my commie/hippie inlaws, they mean well. I only knew one person that I would describe as a Libertarian. He was a long haired stoner hippie trust-fund baby who hated his dad and wanted nothing else but to stick it to the man. Good looking guy who always had a hot girlfriend. Never married. Never had kids. Would never ever vote R, wouldn't vote D for that matter. No dummy. Educated as an engineer but didn't fit in working for the man so he dropped out of the corporate world. Landed on his feet because he owned a bun
  7. On paper, Libertarian politicians would support civil liberties. In reality they oppose them. On paper, Libertarian politicians should support abortion. In reality they oppose it. On paper, Libertarian politicians should support gay marriage. In reality they oppose it. On paper, Libertarian politicians should support drug legalization. In reality they oppose it. The whole Libertarian argument has been coopted by the right as just another line of argumentation to run up the debt so some rich guy can get a tax cut. Libertarian politicians talk out of both sides of th
  8. You would rely on an anecdote to disenfranchise of thousands. Classic right wing justification.
  9. If that were in Oregon, we'd find some reason to declare it an environmental emergency and blow it up.
  10. Bogus claims of fraud abound. You live in a sheltered world where everybody has a car and a drivers license. If you had no such things then you would never have a reason to go to the DMV. Why should we force people to do that who have no other reason to do so? Bogus claims of fraud is not a valid reason. More and more young people, people who live in urban areas, people who can't afford a car are going to be suppressed. I suppose that's just fine for you if the majority of them vote democrat.
  11. I wish I could just light a match and they'd go away.
  12. Somebody is certainly a fan of voter suppression.
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