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  1. It's pointless to talk about how much the wealthy make without including capital gains
  2. There are some sub-40 footers, permanently moored on the Willamette, with more on their foredecks than I have in my 2 car garage. The line between homeless and liveaboard is blurring.
  3. She can't get the ID because she doesn't have a birth certificate. It's a gauntlet intended to disenfranchise.
  4. Wrong again. It says she is very challenged to renew her license. It does not say she has it. It says she needs her birth certificate to renew it which she cannot get. If she had her license, she would not need her birth certificate.
  5. She doesn't. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/black-woman-rural-texas-unable-obtain-id-needed/story?id=80395815
  6. Because he's diverting attention away from the real culprits, right wing media and Republican politicians.
  7. You dumbass. Early deaths in blue states were in the cards before we could respond. Late 2020 deaths were higher in red states. Since the vaccinations were available deaths were preventable. Republicans chose politics over common sense. The more we know, the more Republican's choose the wrong path.
  8. First off, we were right at 400k when Biden was inaugurated. You have chosen to assign deaths to Biden that occurred during the reign of a party whose only interest at the time, and continues to be, the destruction of democracy. Sooo typical of your elk. As for the recent surge. The carnage is localized to Republican, Biden opposing states. The blame falls squarely on the Republican Biden opposers.
  9. Slashes are not legal in filenames.
  10. https://jieter.github.io/orc-data/site/ j105 - 13 hits j/105 - 2 hits j-105 - 15 hits JBO no hits
  11. Idaho doubles down as a Covid Sanctuary State. https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/politics-government/state-politics/article254752107.html Keep fighting the good fight Republicans. Don't let the spectre of statewide mass-casualty triage mode deter you from your freedumb.
  12. Someone should tell him that the next gust isn't coming from straight ahead and while he's are at it, when the boat starts to heel a bit, give that stick in his hand a pull.
  13. HR 1 outlaws partisan gerrymandering. Where's the R support? The whataboutism on this thread is pathetic.
  14. They need to broaden their dataset. It's all part of carefully crafting legislation that will only suppress D votes.
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