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  1. It would be good for the world to see John Poindexter finally do some prison time.
  2. I filled up my Ford Fusion PHEV last August and it's down to half a tank. Should I be worried?
  3. Last I read, the Arizona Republican electoral data mining operation would go well into July.
  4. Question for the lawyers. In recent GOP voter suppression efforts, distribution of unsolicited absentee ballot applications is being outlawed. Is it against the law for somebody operating outside of the state to distribute absentee ballots applications? For example, could Stacy Abrams, operating from her office in DC, send unsolicited absentee ballots to Democrats in Georgia?
  5. A $1.2m legal fund. Doctor Evil would be impressed.
  6. You haven't met my mother in-law. She pure partisan and thinks they're all crooks.
  7. I hear this message from people I consider rank and file Repulicans but I never hear it from moderate Democrats. It's an argument they use to cover for their shitty candidates. Bush was not the same as Gore and the Nadar supporters who put him into power are still regretting their choice. Beiden is not the same as Trump and we don't miss that lying shitstain one bit.
  8. That settles it. Mississippi. Either way, red state. Don't go throwing rocks when you're entire house is made of glass.
  9. In addition to inventing bullshit to justify the voter suppression they are planning today, Arizona is also data mining to find novel ways to suppress even more votes. The GOP plans to extend this data mining activity to more states.
  10. That's why the Elk insisted that that the Economy would instantly collapse with out the steady hand of the dear leader.
  11. That's how the class 40 got started and lost sight of that vision after the first generation. Hard to avoid when sponsors want to win.
  12. When I read your comment I was hoping to at least see a wetsuit... nope.
  13. They definitely have a larger block. If you apply that solution, you may run afoul of class rules. Some outfits used to sell a bridle that had skinny Dyneema bridle lines spliced together nicely. That shouldn't be to hard to DIY. From the factory, the boat came with bungee cords that would take the slack out of the lazy end of the bridle. That worked reasonably well but it light air, the working end of the bridle would have a bend in it induced by the bungee, that would make the mainsheet operate in a spoungy manner. The solution there was supposed to use a lighter bungee (as light a
  14. There is a simple solution to this particular problem. The forum gives us tools to starve the troll.
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