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  1. well think about it, prolly a week for tear down, week or 2 in transit... i'm just guessing but seems logical.
  2. i thought it was funny is a favorable manner, not sure why you are so defensive.
  3. was it miramar that had that huge white chute with the blue stripe?
  4. the KM thing is super dumb. makes zero sense. the racing is good, why even care if the speeds are higher or lower anymore, a big mistake if thats why they are doing it? hopefully the next event gets everybody on a more level playing field in terms of practice, it'll just be that much better.
  5. inferiority complex? you do sound super tough though.
  6. i didnt bag the ac dipshit. quite strangely you identify yourself with that event and you feel like if someone bags on you, that means the event. i thought it was good. you on the other hand must be fucking miserable. literally all you post is off color asshole shit. look thru this thread, i dont think you've ever said one nice thing to anyone that wasnt handjob3000 or someone else goating you on. hell other than shitting on people and bragging about accomplishments you had nothing to do with, every post in the AC36 thread you made was asshole shit too. you're a dick, but not just a dick, a du
  7. but you are still here! get the fuck on if you don't like it.
  8. for the cost / time of getting it there... find one that fits better... there.
  9. i enjoyed the porn tracks the most.
  10. she needs to stay here.
  11. i always thought it was a great looking boat.
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