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  1. i'm winning at the game of life, that's what matters.
  2. you would probably be more believable if you used more exclamation points. DA
  3. just ignore the village idiot.
  4. yep, and NZ blew it leaving it off the team for 82' clipper cup.
  5. great looking boat, reminded me a lot of the Andrews 56. an IMS style build that still holds up well today in the looks dept.
  6. pretty much already was.
  7. shut up daniel you butt kisser. i used to like your posts and defend you when people attacked, now you're blathering has gotten quite tiresome.
  8. no, it's you. you are a self absorbed dick who for some reason can't see outside your own sand box. you do your countrymen no favors with your diatribe.
  9. great video bruce, best of luck man.
  10. are you disagreeing with your twin? cat fight?
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