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  1. At what point in the keel grid structural repair would they need to put the hull in a cradle to keep the boat from becoming banana shaped?
  2. Depending on the thickness, countersink and plug with AD rivet material... Personality I would install the box with pop rivets.
  3. Not sure what Westerly used on their J24s...But on their own design they usually used odd shaped bits of scrap in lieu of washers for keel attachments. Mine look like old school can opener under each nut.
  4. Brochures for almost every model Westerly ever made... The Westerly J24. Built with Loyd's certified material. It would be interesting to compare build quality of Westerly built and a USA built J24 from the same era.
  5. Merry Christmas Rog, hope the New Year brings you fair winds and continued progress on your Westerly.
  6. Great job Roger! Progress is a good feeling. How did you solve the wood vernier problem going around the curved bulkhead? Now you have to cover it up so it doesn't get paint or epoxy on it.
  7. Imagine yourself in a time and place on the internet in the mind of Roger Ball. A place were a heirloom Westerly Centaur has sexy lines, a modern stylish interior and a sail plan featuring a square top main and bow sprit. Bravo Roger keep up the great work. Makes me want to sit back, drink another beer and work on Something Else!
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