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  1. What do you draw? If you are too deep for a float at NEH, getting into Mud Hole may be challenging. There is a narrow tongue of navigable water, but not a lot of margin for error.
  2. Good call, Ajax. Don’t waste a weather window.
  3. The problem is that by the time these marks are talked off the edge of the cliff, society will have paid a heavy price for indulging them. And the con men who wound them up and bled many of them dry will have paid little or nothing, unless they suffer from COVID themselves.
  4. We were in Pine Tree this morning buying some things. They had lobster meat for $50 per pound (about 450 grams for the rest of the world, so around $110 US/kg).
  5. Get a gas-fired lobster cooker and put it in the backyard, instead of cooking them inside.
  6. Note that advice on Roosevelt island is leave it to port when going from LIS towards NJ. I’ve seen six-foot standing waves in that particular stretch of water. The East River has spectacular views of Manhattan, but you do need to time it right.
  7. Pilot’s Point is excellent. They also have great mechanics if you have an issue that needs to be dealt with. They had generator parts shipped overnight to fix me generator when we were bringing the boat north from Florida. (Full disclosure: the CEO is a friend of mine, but everyone gets first-class service.)
  8. I used to carry two spare smart regulators, since we had no solar backup. In your situation, there may be few if any readily-available alternatives right now, but since you are near home, I would be tempted just to monitor battery voltage to make sure it stays in an acceptable range with the dumb regulator. You will just need to use your main engine as a big generator. Hamilton doesn’t list anything. West in SW harbor might have have something, if you don’t mind extortion. Hinckley in SW Might have something in the stockroom.
  9. That makes sense. The basic rules were similar when I worked overseas, by the exclusion was a lot lower back then—something like $60k.
  10. There may be treatments available to help with your paranoia. But of course those treatments are part of a global conspiracy to steal what’s left of your perceived freedom from any societal constraints.
  11. Unfortunately, we all do that to some extent. I’m a geezer, as are many of my friends. A large percentage vote Democratic. Generalizations are dangerous, and may bite you on the ass.
  12. Absolutely! I was going to stop by to say hello, but didn’t want to intrude.
  13. I like lobster salad as you describe it more than boiled lobster. Why do you buy shedders rather than hardshells? Actually, we’ve gotten to the point we buy lobster meat rather than lobsters much of the time. My wife loves fettuccini Alfredo with lobster. Shedders are a lot easier to crack than hardshells. I wondered why all the seagulls were hanging around your boat over there.
  14. Absolutely. I did the same thing. As I recall, I still had to file tax returns in the US. My situation was complicated in that I had a special work visa in one country, but was required to leave that country after six months or would be subject to taxes there.
  15. I don’t recall it being quite that simple when I was working outside the US for the better part of five years about 20 years ago. Perhaps the US tax code has changed since then.
  16. It’s a great place. I did not realize there was such an extensive breakfast menu.
  17. I’m really sorry for your loss. Sisters are a gift. The sun will shine here tomorrow. (There are at least three Forumites in NEH within a few hundred yards of each other right now.)
  18. Some of us who live in FL get out of there for the summer…..
  19. T Sailor, We were in Stonington on Tuesday to consult with the Caterpillar servicing dealer. it is a miserable place on a mooring due to the constant flow of lobster boats. You will roll your guts out when they leave and come back. There is no such thing as a no wake zone, despite the markers indicating such. You are talking about McGlathery. All of Merchant Row is very popular this time of the year. There were a number of boats anchored there, including a big schooner, when we went by yesterday (Thursday) morning on our way back to NE. Pay attention to weather when choosin
  20. I see you. We are on your port quarter, about 100 yards to your NW, three boats away. Past dark-hulled express cruiser Osprey and a white Beneteau 40. 7. Look towards the big houses on the hillside to your NW. You can probably see the tan Bimini over our flying bridge even though our dark blue hull is blocked from view depending on how the boats swing. We came back in yesterday, and will probably stay for a week to get some projects done, if the weather cooperates. Welcome to the neighborhood.
  21. Menhaden are schooling here now, and between the seals, dolphins, ospreys , seagulls, and bait fishermen with purse seines, it’s hard to believe any of the fish will be around in a few years, The seals really wreak havoc, the gulls pick up the pieces. The ospreys are a wonder to watch, dive bombing or skimming the surface with talons extended and rarely coming up empty. Young ospreys just learning to fish are a lot of fun. When they catch one, they vocalize excitedly. We imagine them screaming “I caught a fish, I caught a fish.”
  22. We’ll be ready. We are both well over 65, and were fully vaccinated (Pfizer) back in February. We are used to yearly flu vaccinations , and both grew up in the military (USMC and USAF), went through a full board of vaccinations before circumnavigating, so we are used to being human pin cushions. I still remember standing in line for the Salk vaccine on base in Germany in the 1950s, when I was in grade school. it never even occurred to us not to get vaccinated. It was life-saving. Growing up with the real risk of something like polio will make you a believer in the benefits of va
  23. 0500 this morning, Seal Bay, Vinalhaven, Maine.
  24. The bald eagles around here (Maine) are lousy fishermen, and wait for the ospreys to catch a fish. The eagles then try to steal it. Sometimes the osprey just drops the fish and lets the eagle have it. A single eagle can kill an osprey, but a group of osprey will frequently work together to harass an eagle to the point where the eagle flees the scene. It’s endless entertainment. My money is on the osprey in the long run. We frequently see them sitting on masthead wind instruments.
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