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  1. I have a build underway for a W17. Of the choices presented, I'd choose the F18 mast. An F18 mast is likely to be available many places in Europe. The Hobie Tiger (F18) mast has a larger section than the Hobie 18, and the base is more readily adapted. I'd likely cut it at the top, but I'd probably wait until I sailed it for a while before doing so. I had a Hobie Tiger, and it seemed like the hound location works ok for the W17. Since I'm planning to use Dyneema rigging, changing things around later should be easy. Sails for the W17 are fairly inexpensive through the designer, so I'd go with th
  2. About a year and a half ago, there was one docked at Herrington Harbor near Deale, MD. The owner also had a TriCat 25 that he was selling. I invited him for a sail on our F24. Still waiting for a reciprocal invitation!
  3. A Marples CC 23 is currently for sale in Maryland on sailboatlistings.com. I don't know anything else about it - not my boat, and I don't know the owner.
  4. Practical Sailor magazine did a test on rotomolded fuel tank repair. If the tank was faded by the sun, they were unable to repair it. They apparently were able to repair tanks that had no sun damage, but they pretty strongly recommended against it. I've plastic welded with moderate success on rotomolded boats. I used G-Flex 655, which is thickened, a couple of times, and those repairs held up well. G-Flex 655 is about $40 or so.
  5. Some updated info: https://www.rocketfactorytrimarans.com/
  6. SuperCat catamarans use a Hyfeld lever that KONeill referenced above. The Hyfeld lever only takes up a few inches of slack. The way the system is implemented on SuperCats is through a three part shroud, with the lower two parts being fairly short. The Hyfeld lever connects the uppermost and lowermost sections, bypassing the middle section. For the full extension, the Hyfeld lever is disconnected using a quick pin. To tighten the shroud, the Hyfeld lever is reconnected, then the lever is used for the final tightening. This works pretty well for SuperCats, but some people are uneasy regarding th
  7. This video at the 12:00 minute mark shows a Windrider 17 rocky beach launch. The boat is pretty indestructible, with the exception of the rudder, and that's usually protected by the skeg.
  8. Well, you can't capsize a Windrider, you can add forward steering and sheeting, and there are many more seating options on a Windrider than on most any beach cat. The boom is set well above the cockpit and tramps, so it is very difficult to get hit by the boom if you're seated. Windrider owners usually modify the boats with various steering and seating options to suit themselves. When it comes to comfort and safety, there are not many beach cats that compare favorably to the Windrider. A Getaway may be better for some. I've owned both. I concur that either would be safer but slower than a Tige
  9. A Windrider 17 trimaran is another idea. Very low risk of capsize, decent performance, able to carry the whole crew. Frequently available on craigslist across the US.
  10. Patricia, There's a Hobie Tiger with wings for sale at thebeachcats.com in the Washington DC area. Worth checking out.
  11. Haven't heard any F22 news in quite a while. Anybody know what's going on?
  12. http://www.h2proped.com/ Flexible drive shaft allow pedals to be distanced from prop. Not sure of the efficiency or other possible limitations.
  13. I've owned a number of Windriders. They're great boats. Performance could be better in some regards, but they're a lot of fun, very safe, and very tough. I've got plans for the W17 from Mike Waters, which is similar to the Windrider in some regards, but much higher performance. It's designed for plywood, but I've been discussing a foam composite build with Mike. He's also got a 19' derivative that is being prototyped now. 4 good sized adults, per the OP's requirements, would probably overload the 17, but could work for the 19. Not everyone's got the time to build. I know I've been plannin
  14. My best recommendation for a relatively inexpensive trimaran that will carry two couples is a Tramp. They are not modern high performance boats, but they're comfortable, and faster than most monohulls. The masts are a lot lighter than the Corsairs' masts, so setup is easier. Prices have been going up on Tramps, and boats in good condition aren't generally a lot more expensive than ones in average condition. The first issue with a Tramp is locating one. The next issue is maintenance. Most of the Tramps I've seen have been on the deferred maintenance plan. Many come with the original sails. If y
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