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  1. That’s right, deny that other cultures have behave and react differently to you.
  2. Just a shame I’m not a climate denier.
  3. Nice comment from someone who took Trump from being a reality TV star to President.
  4. I did not make the FASD comparison, I have just passed on what was previously published on the internet. Prior to today, I'd never heard of FASD so before I reposted the image I looked it up and read through the symptoms. Most of the symptoms are behavioural and are similar to aspergers which Greta herself repeatedly states she has. Her physical appearance does show similarities to someone with FASD and it does appear to correspond to looks passed on down from her parents. 2 + 2 Fuck off out of SA and go to PA. No sailing content or impact here.
  5. and how is that? She is bringing up her aspergers, her parents are open about Greta's and her sisters issues. Greta's aspergers is part of her "super power" and there is a huge correlation between asperger symptoms and FASD. Understanding she is a victim of FASD actually make me understand her better and make me understand that she is a victim of her mothers neglect during pregnancy and it's clear that they are part of the machine that is using her.
  6. Read about FASD, what I posted earlier...
  7. Since when did you have to like the messenger and their methods, when agreeing with a message? This cunt and his organisation are ensuring that the Japanese will not back down because they now cannot without losing face. She is ensuring that there will be blowback
  8. people who advertise adding names onto their ignore list or even admitting they have one, have got to be some of the most stupid people on the forum. Congratulations Toe and LB.
  9. He's an idiot, but so right...
  10. Take this political discussion over to PA and then you can be ignorant over there. The parents are using her to sell their books after fucking her life by boozing during pregnancy. The parents are disgusting.
  11. I'm not shooting the message, just the messenger....
  12. her daddy is an author and sailed with her, you figure... Her parents are her puppet masters....
  13. Just facts.... Although the FASD is an observation base on an analysis of behaviour and appearance, which is how it is diagnosed
  14. So you like to stick your head up your arse rather than realise that there is more than just an innocent story behind it all. FWIW my partner, the mother of my daughter was reading through Swedish news and blog sites to supply me with the information I am providing.
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