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  1. All the spars have to be strong when the crew weighs in at 125 kgs/person.
  2. My parents had an Edel 35 (with pod) when I was a kid. Dad sailed her to Bermuda and the Bahamas from VA. I couldn't say much about her sailing characteristics because I was a kid with no frame of reference, but she was fast and a good boat for a family with young kids. Virtually impossible to fall off of because you never get on top of the hulls. She did slam though - that pod hangs down pretty low. I'd love to see a modern version, or similar.
  3. Ha! I'm currently in a diesel Colorado and dreaming of a Corsair 880. Not sure if that's gonna work and was not really planning on upgrading the truck if I don't have to.
  4. How necessary do you think the HD truck is to pull the boat?
  5. Plenty of monos on the Bay with 5+ft draft.
  6. Intuitively I always thought the centerboard/daggerboard did the majority of the work in a roll tack.
  7. Looks like it sheets to the coach roof, so a lookout somewhere other than the flybridge should have better visibility than you would on a standard aft cockpit cat.
  8. How many 60s have been built? I don't think it's weird that no one out of a very small group of owners is posting about their boats. If I spent a couple million bucks on a trimaran, I don't believe I would be talking about it on SA. I'd be sailing it.
  9. And here I was thinking it was to save on dock fees, since the windward hull is shorter.
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