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  1. This is insane, I can’t understand how this was just not fixed properly. Any half competent mechanic can disassemble and diagnose the fault and fix. There’s a few hundred dollars worth of parts. Just use locally available brands a good mechanic, not the dick head you are currently working with, and send Benny the bill. reject this immediately you accept this, and it sinks, then what.? I bet your insurance company will tell you to sod off. maybe ask them to get a surveyor to approve the repair:)
  2. They are good https://www.trudesign.nz/
  3. Seriously, does it really matter at All? I think not convince yourself it’s a fancy rust inhibitor and ignore it. The water will still be doing it’s cooling job, and the oil will make its way into the overflow bottle over time. Overfill the main tank, not the overflow bottle a few times and it will work it out into the overflow tank. Job done. Go sailing. adding detergent sounds like just adding another contaminant to deal with. Think I would arather oil in my cooling than soap!
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