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  1. What boat is that? Do you have a photo which shows the sailplan?
  2. Luna Rossa made 2 big mistakes The first just after the first start trying to give NZ a penality (1st regatta) The second was the JK at the bottom gate before the last upwind leg (2nd regatta) allowing NZ to split and to come back in the race. I think it will be a very close fight. NZ has probably a little more maximum speed and probably more talent. Also, the better know their winds. LR has probably an advantage in taking techniques (thanks to bigger foils and two helmsmen) and a better boat in very light wind. 50 % - 50 %
  3. ETNZ is so fast that it's going to land on Mars on Friday. Today's regattas have shown how the differences in speed are negligible compared to dexterity. You win races by starting ahead, boat handling and not making mistakes. That's what we saw today. Everything else is just speculation.
  4. As for these four regattas, the difference in boat speed has been negligible. Tactics, boat handling, and mistakes make the difference at this moment. As for engineering: I think Luna Rossa has been ahead in time because it didn't change too much between Boat 1 and Boat 2. Luna Rossa might be the fastest boat in the low wind range, but it is not the fastest in the mid or strong winds. On the other side, Ineos made big changes to the first boat, and also between the first regattas and the Round Robin. This is an evolution you pay in water preparation. It might be that Ineos becomes
  5. "Anatra Zoppa" _ in Italian means "Lame Duck" It's a prototype
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