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  1. Even though I kept the Weta mast up and assembled it still took some time and effort to rig and sailing it was also pretty busy due to the 3 sails etc. If you had to assemble and rig it every time you sailed (as well as disassembly) you would be putting in significant time and effort. I really like the idea of one, easy to use sail and a mast that’s super easy to step for one person.
  2. I've owned lots of multis and just sold my Weta. Lots of great things about the Weta but I'd like something simpler so dinghies are of great interest to me at the moment. The Fulcrum dinghy looks pretty darn good. The Evo and a couple of the RS boats too.
  3. I got to drive a nice, fast Woods cat last week and found that the view was pretty good. The view on my L7 from the normal seat was good and driving from the tramp was good too. I want to be able to see the sails without breaking my neck, especially jib and spin/reacher/0. I must be able to see the lee bow, at high speed that's critical. I also want a reasonable view of whatever is in front of me. I want good tiller angle and i want to be able to operate the mainsheet easily. A lot of boats (Weta) have awkward mainsheet systems. That's just terrible! I want a comfortable seat with a so
  4. Reynolds 33 is certainly not significantly bigger than most F-s. To provide a proper driver’s seat wouldn’t require much space, in fact the big tris’ seat looks like a simple carbon chair. Difference being where it’s placed rather than a fancy design. The F-s seem specifically designed to cause driver suffering and nobody can tell me that the driver’s seat on any F-s are well-placed nor well-designed. Anywhere you try and sit where you can operate the mainsheet and tiller and see the sails and bows is either painful and or flopping/sliding around on the tramp. Not to mention that when a cho
  5. Not having a comfortable, secure place to drive the boat from seems to me a little bit beyond KISS or free-spiritedness. More like a stubborn refusal to design a proper place to sit, which would actually be a KISS. Look at the R33 seats. Incredibly comfortable, secure, great view of sails and bows and as simple and obvious as can be. Look how all the big French tris have perfectly simple, perfectly placed drivers seats. Nothing complicated about it.
  6. I always found it interesting that in spite of all the incredible design innovations and outstanding attributes of the F-boats it's almost impossible to find a good, comfortable place to drive the boat from. Sitting in the cockpit you have a terrible view of all the things you really want to see. If you go out on the tramp you can't really get comfortable and aren't physically attached to the boat. I know people have made all kinds of adaptations but it's kinda weird that a brilliant guy like Mr. F never addressed this glaring defect.
  7. Am i wrong or is that Ninja a somewhat better Weta?
  8. In my experience the few minutes you save having your boat in the water is hugely offset by the hassles (not to mention expenses) vs mast up dry storage. The part about launching/retrieving the boat is a trivial amount of time and effort, even if you have to unfold. The beatdown your boat takes sitting in the water, especially on an end tie is pretty horrific. A really good F-boat in mast up dry storage, that's the ticket.
  9. I know I'll burn for saying this but there are some very nice little dinghies that I've been investigating, specifically RS and Topper as well as the new Fulcrum. I'd wager that many would outsail the Hobie kayaks, be more comfortable than many tris for longer trips and fare better going up and down rocky beaches. I think the Windrider would get the job done too. I haven't sailed one but I'm guessing the lack of pointing ability would be offset by several other attributes. Another thought would be the venerable Wayfarer dinghy or a Core Sound. If you're serious about adventure camping and
  10. As a fairly new Weta owner I've used the trolley a few times pulling up the ramp by hand, also used beachcat wheels many times. I would highly recommend investing in a good rechargeable winch system. Plenty of trees for anchoring it. I would also point out that the Weta weighs about as much as a beachcat and in many ways is less boat. Just my opinion, the Weta has lots of great features, but it's wetter, less comfortable and has virtually no storage. I've sailed cats and tris in the ocean for decades and i honestly believe that if you sail conservatively the beachcat can be quite safe. Wh
  11. Lifelong surfer and multi sailor here. On most multis you can surf all day with not much planing going on. On my Weta, off the wind, it's nothing but planing whether surfing or not. Super flat skiff-like main hull, the amas rarely touch the water. Very different feeling from other multis.
  12. Very nice. You got a big chute!
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