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  1. I apologize, red wine and a couple episodes of "Succession" brought out the Machiavelli in me.
  2. Dearest Kleppar, please man, not trying to be hurtful. But you asked for advice in a place where a group of crusty old crabs are lurking with claws out. Seriously dude, the point of your little tri is to be a fun sailing machine at a reasonable price. Very cool design but if it's going to cost over 30k then you are in open defiance of the most basic laws of nature. For that money you could score so many great boats. I'm just going to mention a Diam as one example. I mean you're probably smart not to build it yourself but if that's not the reason for having that particular boat then..? H
  3. See, told ya he was gonna end up overthinking it and spending a lot of time and money for little or no gain. Man, you can't beat a Nacra mast. I sold my 5.5 last year, I've owned a 5.0, 5.2, 5.5, 18 sq and 5.7. Beat the crap out of all of em and none ever failed me. Think of the thousands upon thousands of hours those things have been used and abused and remain bulletproof in design and construction. Ok, you win, don't listen to all the crusty old crabs. At least send some good vids when you're out sailing her and have fun!
  4. I've been rereading Vonnegut. Brilliant and still extremely relevant.
  5. I've always thought the tri you're building looks great, I'd love to sail one but the key point to the mast question is that if you go with a beachcat mast you are winning in many ways. It's already built, rigged and very well proven. You can also buy piles of used sails which are very well designed for the job and reasonably priced. Chord is so far down the list of priorities! Don't forget, if you sail it for a year and really want to shorten the mast it will be very easy to do so. Spending lots of money to build a shorter mast is an irreversible mistake. You could also build your wing
  6. I meant using the Hobie 16 mast and sails, though the wider beam will add a bit of stress to the mast it seemed to work great on Tremolinos. If you could find a good, used F16 that would give you a great rig and sails that should be of a very reasonable size and if you haven’t already built the amas…
  7. Howza bout following the example of a true sailing deity and find a Hobie 16 to canabalize? Think Tremolino...
  8. Now 3 guys, betcha he still refuses to listen.
  9. So he has 2 guys with many decades of combined multihull experience (especially small trimarans and cats) telling him to just stick a beachcat mast on it and I'll bet you a million butts that he buys an expensive mat and spends endless hours sawing and drilling on it!
  10. And please don't shorten the mast for fuck's sake!
  11. Buy a good beachcat for under 5k, use mast, sails and lots of lines and various other parts and you'll have excellent gear for a fraction of the cost. On that particular design I'd even use the beachcat hulls, they'll be as good or better than the ones you'll build.
  12. Any beachcat mast in good condition and slap on a set of used sails then go!
  13. Howzabout getting some plans from a designer like Hughes, Woods or White who use tubes on their boats and utilize their tube attachment system? No need to offset the hulls. I believe having a bulkhead near the attachment is the requirement. Bet it would be pretty easy. I snapped old tubes on my Reynolds 21 a couple times. Went and bought a new tube (and good glass/epoxy inside the hull to reinforce) and resumed heavy thrashing of boat. Good to go for a decade. Buy a beachcat dolphin striker system from Murrays or see if Randy Reynolds has a couple already built.
  14. Think of how happy you'll be when you throw away all those heavy beams and boxes and bolt on your simple aluminum tubes! One dolphin striker and all your engineering conundrums disappear! Yay!
  15. Multihuller! My resolution is to check out your boat and I just happen to be in the other Carolina right now!
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