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  1. Yes you are right. I got mast/bow arc (225) and stern (135) confused. I will go to my room now
  2. So that you know TEXHNICALLY that is an illegal stern light. The stern light should send a 225 light arc
  3. I just installed a Vulcan 9 it has about the same footprint as a Zeus7. Since the Vulcan is on the bulkhead, my plan was to get the remote control and mount it at the help. Then I discovered the LINK app that pacts as a remote control. Since most of my sailing is in Tampa Bay, I think that will work out fine. If not I will spring for the remote and mount it at the helm
  4. If anyone else has this issue here is the solution. This solution came from a FB group. unplug WS320 from network- do not just turn network off. remove battery from anemometer place anemometer next to WS320 make sure network is on plug in WS320 to hot network, do NOT screw connector all the way I just catch a thread or two within 10 seconds of connecting WS320 connect battery on anemometer Performing those exact steps the unit paired almost instantly.
  5. Help!!! Finally, decided to upgrade my instruments and went B&G. The Vulcan 9" went in well, but I am having an issue pairing the wireless anemometer to the WS320 base. Could someone who has gotten this to work provide some guidance?? So far I have: With NMEA 2K off, and battery out of the anemometer- powered up NMEA, then installed battery. Have done this 5-6 times with WS320 in proximity of the base of the anemometer, the middle and the wind vane end. NO GOOD. With NMEA 2K off and battery out of the anemometer- placed battery into a
  6. Yup--- these are the guys.
  7. @fstbttms I aside from the fact that only boat yards can apply it, what is the issue with the PRO? I have had it on my boat in FLA for 5-6 years. Properly applied and with regular cleaning it held up 4+ years.
  8. GOM is the home of "the square wave", short/irregular periods and even in a blow they are not from the same direction. Not looking good for the missing.
  9. You are probably right about the liability. Still feel a rookie shop steward or attorney could get his job back. And surely you know not to call me Shirley :>)
  10. This pure bullshit! Firing them was a classic leftie feel good move. NYC doormen are 'motivated' to keep undesirables (homeless, etc) away from the front of buildings. They are well paid to take care of those inside the building. With a nut job outside, locking the doors is the smart move. Had they physically interceded and gotten injured, the building management would likely not have helped financially. If seriously injured they may have lost their jobs. The logical question is, "Why not step around so bad guy does not see you, and call 911?" Is failing to cal
  11. While I morn his loss and recognize that he did do some good. It is hard to forget HE WAS IMPEACHED! Or is that fact irrelevant because he was on Team “D”?
  12. It’s all good. Having a double in your honor.
  13. Fucking WOW! For any of those I may have offended- especially the ONE guy in NYC who is !@#$ sensitive. I apologize from the depths of my Bronx born and raised heart. I am sure you can envision my body language... To those who saw it as the banter that is common on SA-- thank you.
  14. I think I speak for many here when I hope and pray for a good outcome. But if he has been off the ventilator and not no longer intubated for several days- it is officially time for him to get his ass back work on the random pic thread. We have been denied our pic fix for some time. We may have to take disciplinary action!!! Although he may be into that.
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