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  1. Perhaps Shakespeare said it best. To blatantly, but with credit, plagiarize Shakespeare Friends, SA’ers, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Colin, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with the General. … ….
  2. “Wow ya know what they would say on SA?” ”Hey we can get her some implants, like that sub got”
  3. Can’t get the downvote button to work, or I would have done so. He regretted the error the rest of his life. Was likely a reason he never ran for POTUS. That intelligence error was rather expensive.
  4. Skim read the last few posts- how old is the cutlas bearing??
  5. NYC- Interboro, Bronx River, the Hutch, the Taconic Or coming home from dating the future Mrs Snore in Brooklyn driving to the Bronx on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway- once I was past the docks- doing 80-120, driving Dad's Plymouth Duster..... he couldn't understand why he couldn't keep tires on that car... ...
  6. Every time that song comes on, I want to make “those lines look like dots”. Hell sitting on the balcony my left foot was pushing down!!! RIP
  7. Yo- have you been testing the shine again? Heard about you boys up on the Suwanee… shine , banjo music….
  8. GREAT call!! My son purchased one of those HUGE super soaker guns… Kids had a blast! Just be sure to get more than one. and expect to get yelled at … … But we’ll worth it
  9. Please let the engineering staff know that if it extends below the hull, it needs to kick up to go over submerged debris. Personally, I like it behind the hull so there is less drag. Also paint it flat black- if you get anywhere near sharks, you will find out why.
  10. FFS do not buy just books! If you get books, give them something that is tactile and they can play with. If Mom has a yard, consider small cheap gliders (get extras fr the ones that break), or nerf balls. Spoil the shit out of them, need not be expensive, just fund— and then play with them and you will rise to Fav Uncle.
  11. Yesterday was “Ask a stupid question day”…. How did we miss that?
  12. The engineering team drained a Modelo and after running the design through the beer goggle engineering system, we firmly feel that it is not the stern that is wondering, but the bow. She has a slightly "turned up nose". As to rudders, I have done a few thousand miles racing WaterTribe and many more training. IMHO, if you feel the need for a rudder do it. But it does not offset a good stroke. I am a huge fan of Prijon foot pegs (see below). I had them in Abenhouse NorthWest Discover and my Kruger. Unlike the airplane style foot pedals, these 'motorcycle shifter' type pedals g
  13. Could you post a profile of the hull? My guess is that it has a lot of rocker (more draft in middle than ends).
  14. Wifey is imuno-compromised, and they recommended it for her. With that as a baseline, being over 65, and a delivery Capt who is offshore once a month for some period of time. Although I only use vaxed crew, I can’t take a risk. So when the opportunity availed itself I took it. My mistake was taking the flu at the same time.
  15. Ok— being 65+ I went for a third dose of Moderna. The pharmacist at CVS asked if I wanted the flu vaccine. This stupid voice inside of me said “sure”. After Moderna #2 I was laid up for 18 hours. The double vaccine kicked my butt for 36 hours. So, if you go for a third dose, or for those hold outs just getting the COVID vaccine, FFS don’t get the flu shot at the same time!!!
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