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  1. Pass on the inboard and just buy a 29 that is fairly sorted. This one is here in Seattle, great race record. Could use new sails and a few other simple upgrades, but overall in great shape. No I’m not the owner, but sailed on her for years. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/d/seattle-sailboat-boat-j29-masthead/7380197129.html
  2. 3.3 million miles, P1800 https://drivetribe.com/p/this-volvo-p1800-is-the-highest-TuDmOWOJTpKQVBERTjMzFg?iid=MQgEe9_uTim6CqU97wztsQ
  3. Emailed them the images, but no response. I’ll give them a call directly Sunday/Monday. Cheers
  4. I’m still searching for the manufacturer of the below main track. Here is another shot from the section on the mast that is still intact. Called a few spar builders and nothing.
  5. One design racing has less BS. Older boats are less of an arms race. Also it’s a family generational thing. Kids grew up racing with their parents and grandparents. They then took over the reigns of the boat and brought in the friends. As they get older they brought in their kids. Also the camaraderie of the teams.
  6. Thanks for the lead on Keder. Spar builder is no longer in business, King Composites.
  7. Any ideas? Anodized aluminum track bonded & laminated to a carbon King mast 95’ tall. Boat is a R/P 55. Thanks in advance for the help.
  8. I suggest dropping Samson an email or give them a call. The boat I race on uses exclusively Samson and we’ve never had any issues with cover/sheath. We primarily use GPX.
  9. Call Fisheries Supply in Seattle or have a local metal fab guy make what you need. Other option is to raise your winches to eliminate the chafed area. I couldn’t view your attachments so above ideas are from common sense.
  10. Is there an ORR database like ORC or IRC? Or is this a pay to play thing? I assume pay to play as it’s run by US Ailing. Looking to run some numbers for the class breaks. Thx
  11. Vito w/ HRS is the way to go. I’m comparing to my old Spin Deckvest. The Vito is 1/3 the weight and less overall bulk. Weight distribution is across a broader area. Single crotch strap is nice vs the two straps on deck vest. One thing with the Vito is mark the side strap for warm days, less clothes, vs cold days, full kit on. This way you can quickly adjust the Velcro prior to putting it on as the actual adjustment while on is minimal. Personally I wish someone made a kayak style foam PFD with a front harness loop and crotch strap.
  12. Peter Isler is the navigator for Pyewacket
  13. Get a nice big tent that you can stand up inside, REI Kingdome is a good one. Comfortable camp chairs. Stove with 2 burners. From their just grab the older stuff from your kitchen for cooking and eating supplies. Also add in a basic plastic tablecloth as the picnic tables can be a bit nasty. Don’t forget a big jug of H2O.
  14. Good on them for making it happen. At least they have more than $5 to make it happen!
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