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  1. I think you're right. Water is definitely gushing in.
  2. Yup Pete is over there helping move the mainsail. Just as a gust comes up too.
  3. "Removing all electronics as soon as possible...." via LSD on FB. Wow.
  4. Fairly sure that was Ken Read. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ96OsOLSLw/?igshid=1vggbnppwxmwd
  5. VPN and YouTube. Perfect quality.
  6. Yes thanks for this. Will see if FB or ac.com works first.
  7. Pretty sweet work view you’ve got there!
  8. The shipowners of ONE Apus confirmed today that of the 1,816 containers lost overboard during severe weather on Nov. 30, 64 of them contained dangerous goods. Of the containers with dangerous goods, 54 were carrying fireworks, 8 were carrying batteries, and 2 liquid alcohol.
  9. No, first race doesn't start for another 9 hours. 11:30PM EST
  10. Has anyone (formally) signed up Botin and VPLP yet? I know they did the TP52's so I'd naturally assume NYYC has them?
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