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  1. His blog is gone hasnt posted for a while must be in school. Sorry Ed if i riled you with the fish heads your ok.
  2. C'mon Ed, a Fishfood pie staring back at you brings up the bile? What did you have for dessert? Cucumbers dipped in honey? [acckk] I see you like beaver tail and bison like some of us over here, though.https://culture.pl/en/article/10-polish-dishes-that-will-probably-weird-you-out
  3. Why, that's just a Sea Harrier in it's natural environment.
  4. 85% completed, I would say it's worth what the dream is worth.
  5. Zombies must be shot in the head to kill them. So, a direct shot to the Jabsco...
  6. Even an image of a devil's face in the smoke of the apocalypse....https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10317573/where-are-australia-fires-map-bush-fires/
  7. Some new years listings Bow scow! Boat model - boats - by owner Black pvc? 14 ' Inflatable Boat Pro Series Black - boats - by owner No more tequilia for Bruce... Bruce Roberts 30 - boats - by owner - marine sale Motors well... 16' Lifeboat & trailer - boats - by owner - marine sale When style overcomes substance Sailing Kayak-Fishing Kayak - boats - by owner - marine sale
  8. It looks like a handful down wind...the bimini keeps the stern down.
  9. Sorry don't know...unlikely given the insurance value of the boat is my guess...
  10. Easy now Ed, time for some comfort food. Fish gets benign conditions to beach hop? How timely is that. Now if he could just get time away from Denny's.... How fast is a Hobie with 4 flats of beer, 6lbs of kielbasa, a 30lb anchor, a border collie, 2 flats of water and a bottle of Canadian Club? https://www.foodbeast.com/news/14-awful-british-foods-that-make-us-happy-to-be-american/
  11. ... no tether for the kid and her mask is not pinched properly to work. ugh.
  12. Keyboard is filthy again. 4444 not working well. 43 it said in the vid.
  13. Lovely find. Here is the 1885 New Haven Sharpie and a link to others written by Chappell. https://www.gutenberg.org/files/29285/29285-h/29285-h.htm
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