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  1. We had a Chevrolet dealership built just like that here in Corpus Christi. Lew Williams Chevrolet, I think. It's now an electrical supply house (C.C. Electric, FYI)
  2. You're probably right, but seeing how I'm from Corpus (South Texas) and only had one day (Saturday) to get it and get back, and didn't really want to put more miles on my ST1300 before trade-in, and had no real desire to ride thru Austin / I-35 Corridor & Dallas traffic, this seemed like a little more desirable option. Now, if I'd had a couple more days to do it, that would have been a different story...
  3. But, Honey, I swear it followed me home all the way from Dallas.... Can I keep it???
  4. Fair WInds, Marley. I'll let Wolfgang, Sophie & Sebastian know to show you the ropes across the Bridge...
  5. Crap... quoted the wrong post... One of these, and throw an old-school Windjammer fairing on it...
  6. I've thought about finding one of those and throwing an old-school Windjammer fairing in it...
  7. I want this back... Pecos River Bridge, May 1982...
  8. Fair Winds, Beauford. Wolfgang, Sophie & Sebastian will be glad to show you the ropes over the Bridge... The Rainbow Bridge TT
  9. TonkaToy


    Guy walks into a New Orleans bar, says to the bartender: "give me a Corona and 2 Hurricanes... too soon??
  10. My wife's son and his first wife were married there. Beautiful area, just wish I'd have had my bike there when it happened. Oh,well, I guess it can always be a road trip!!!
  11. Well, crap. I figured as much: MotoGP will not have a grand prix in the United States this season due to the global coronavirus pandemic, as the Circuit of the Americas announced its next event will be in April. The COVID-19 crisis has wrought havoc on MotoGP's 2020 schedule, with all races through June on the original calendar either cancelled or postponed. Last month, MotoGP unveiled a revised 13-round calendar beginning with back-to-back races at Jerez on July 19 and 26. The postponed Americas Grand Prix was due to run on November 13-
  12. Yep, great German dog co-opted by the pesky French...
  13. Poodles say what?!?!? I admit I HATE the standard show cut...
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