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  1. I am only tossing this up here as a F18 owner and high performance small boat sailor. This is how I see the positioning and then the X is where the report said the power boat crushed the F18 . Given the highlighted above I think Sandra would be behind the board on the Starboard hull facing slightly backward with her legs under her on the tramp, tiller in hand with the traveler in the other, her crew would be ahead of the raised board/shroud on the hull with his weight likely on the beam.... Either way this sucks - how do you keep a rapid moving powerboat from simply smashing into a slow
  2. She could just use Leo's private plane, the one he used to fly from the Cannes Film Festival to New York City to attend the green awards ceremony (and back).....
  3. Is it possible to put this whole thread in - Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boats ?
  4. Judging by the bow, ITA-1 the first IACC boat or ITA-7, ITA-25 which lost to Bill Koch is in the US on dry land.
  5. I think only the last bit of the flap is painted but i could be wrong.
  6. Very sad... FT gets 4 $100 fines, less than what it would cost to patch her mainsail that he drove through let alone the loss of life... Sounds like he did not know much about anything when it came to managing his craft.... “Once both vessels settled in the water, Byczko said he observed Tartaglino floating face down in the water with a large amount of blood around her,” the officer’s narrative said. “Byczko said that he requested that the parties aboard the powerboat attempt to bring Tartaglino aboard their vessel, but they were unable to do so, stating, ‘we don’t know how to get he
  7. ^ +39 was a Italian team ... Ceccarelli design. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/%2B39_Challenge
  8. They were never going to put a 75 year old RI resident in jail so in turn I am not surprised there are no charges. What none of us on this forum know is where the powerboat hit them, and the point of sail of the F18, but as an F18 sailor I would like to know was this an instance of the powerboat running them over from behind and windward or driving over them from leeward because they were kite up and had limited visibility under the kite. Either way it should not have happened as the power boat should have throttled back even if the F18 was hunting apparent wind and not sailing a str
  9. Get yourself some Cooter for 18K........ 1986 One Ton NAs winner (Chicago). Sistership to Regardless and Ragtime. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1986/nelson-marek-one-ton-2926431/
  10. Bump.... Sandra Tartaglino Memorial Fund Sandra Tartaglino of Tiverton, Rhode Island died suddenly in a tragic boating accident on Narragansett Bay Sunday, August 11, 2019. In her memory the family wishes to promote her love of sailing, safe boating and fostering the development of young sailors. Memorial donations may be made to the Sandra Tartaglino Memorial Fund c/o P.O. Box 491, Tiverton RI 02878.
  11. I had not seen this posted here - good pic of the flaps.... As I understand it , the Class Rule limits the number of different trailing-edge flaps a team can use two per side, a total of four at any time . A total of five different "sets" of foiling-edge flaps = maximum of 20.
  12. I am aware of that - it is still a DSpar with twin batten set-up at the head. Weather batten is straight (maybe kicked to weather), from the car/cap, with the mast rotation, the leeward pushed out - curved to make the foil. I had not seen this shot , thought the mechanism to push the batten car/cap to leeward of the DSpar was interesting.
  13. More for the sail geeks.... good view of the leeward sail shaping....
  14. But still a simulator and not real life, so I think we are on the same page.... “What we were seeing in the wind tunnel and what we were seeing on the track was a very different situation,” he explained. “It took until after [the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix] to actually get everyone to agree and understand that there were big correlation issues, and they made some really good work after that, they understood it and 2015 was much better.” “There’s a lot of correlation issues, yeah,” he said. “The rest is downforce, also, and it’s not really good in terms of pure numbers. But the bigges
  15. For those who only know her as the "60 year-old-woman" (per the news report)... "With a very heavy heart, on behalf of the USF18 Class and entire sailing community, we would like to pass our condolences and prayers to the family and friends of Sandra Tartaglino who passed away yesterday after a tragic collision with a motorboat during the New England 100 regatta in Newport, RI. Sandra had organized this 30th anniversary event and she was at the very first one 30 years ago. Her parents were on site Saturday night for their annual support of providing their famous Stuffed Quahogs. As alwa
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