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  1. Sounds like a job for Captain Midnight! Alas will be at helm of my own vessel, assuming we ain't in middle of Covid 2.0
  2. How many shots in a cable? Or is it chains.....?
  3. As a former Anacortes sailor I can tell you this much..... The best sailing venue within 1 hr of Cap Sante is North side of Guemes The Port and city of Anacortes feature legendary hospitality from Oyster Run to Arts and Crafts Festival Excellent local sailmakers, riggers, yards and facilities for boaters Decent offshore anchorage, except for some times (compare to Whidbey) Tremendous culinary and music scene, numerous parks, mtn biking trails, air BnB's Best damn Yacht club in the tri county area Good looking women and children are brighter than average
  4. McClary n Swift outa Blaine WA Ask for Mark Johnson He will get you the paperwork you need...
  5. If it's metal and it's moving don't touch it....
  6. Well if they can't get out of the Strait of Juan de Fuca then I'm guessing heading into the Graveyard of Ships late in the season on a hull that may or may not be damaged in the grounding or salvage may not be the best choice. What part of California does the skipper live in? I may be persuaded to offer a discount on some sailing lessons... Gender unimportant I like sailing with all kinds of people...
  7. Two race actively google Anacortesyachtclub.org They sail almost daily, total addiction
  8. Check with Kerry Poe at North Sails, he'll know what to do:) Somebody has to be helping folks rig their boats between riots, errr protests....
  9. Expresses will be back in 2021, damn straight!
  10. How long did it take for spar, start to finish? Painted or anodized? What kind of boat?
  11. Spindrift V is in How bout an informal 72 rater class... J-35's, C&C 115's, J-36's, and the like Oh yeah and some more E-37's
  12. Who is goto rigger on da river these days?
  13. 12 Metre is correct small turnbuckles do not have enough adjustment to account for creep and stretch. There is also issue of spreader tips which I'm guessing are wood if rigging original. Just replace with same/same and sail on.
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