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  1. Ohmboy

    OD 14

    When I was a kid, John Kolius had a summer camp in Newport where we sailed the single trapeze version of these. Lots of fun. Many years later my brother has the GP double trap version in SD. Not competitive with an I14, but a good trainer perhaps.
  2. Pressure regulator?
  3. One idea would be to have a big diaphragm pump mounted on a board. Ama compartments could be pre plumbed with hoses terminated with an appropriate sized cam and groove fitting. These fittings are rugged, inexpensive, quick to connect, and are available in lightweight polypropylene.
  4. Almost has a Lee Creekmore look to it.
  5. The only thing I've screeded is poured concrete. I was kind of hoping the release fabric would make the process less messy, and get a shape closer to ideal. While I hope to reduce the amount of sanding, I'm sure there will be plenty.
  6. If you think you've clogged a W-C skipper, you're just not pushing on the handle hard enough. Built like a small bronze diesel engine. I love mine and have been tempted tp chrome it like Hinkley used to do. I will say that a very good argument can also be made for a well sorted Lavac and perhaps a Groco K.
  7. As part of my winter overhaul, I've pulled the daggerboard from my Corsair F-24 Mk2. The last 25 years haven't been gentle. Removal of years of bottom paint have revealed several gouges and I'm sure the board is measurably shorter than it was when new, having worn through all the glass on the bottom. I'm going to add several layers of glass and fill the gouges, but I thought I might give fairing the board a shot. This is mostly based on the idea that I can easily 3D print 4 digit NACA profile templates. Below are two NACA 0012 profiles, scaled to my board's 47 cm width. Since the board is
  8. Does anyone have experience with the OpenWind sensor and NMEAkit? At €800 it's a little pricey, but it's designed for rotating masts and installation should be dead simple.
  9. What is going on with that companionway? I'm sure there's some sort of hard dodger yet to come, but I can't picture it.
  10. Ohmboy

    tohatsu 6

    It's not so much the first pull starting, as it is that it will never start without an extremely vigorous pull. My wife is pretty strong, and she can almost never get it started. Late 90's had a 2 stroke Tohatsu 8 that I could start with a gentle 4" pull. Practically started on its own. Wish I still had it, but rust never sleeps. My 15hp Yamaha Enduro was never so well behaved, and this 4-stroke stuff!
  11. Ohmboy

    tohatsu 6

    My fairly new Tohatsu 6, has been running better after a good carb cleaning and new spark plug, but it will only start on a VERY hard pull. I can start it first time when cold, but my wife who is no stranger to outboards has had very little success even when it's warm. Any Ideas on what might cause this?
  12. Seems like a good argument for something unsinkable, that way it would usually just end up inverted. That boat doesn't have much freeboard when all is well.
  13. Bought an F24 mk2 this summer for around 20k and we're having a blast. Kids love the tramps, fast when there's wind and still moves when it's glassy. Wish I'd bought one a decade ago when my kids were toddlers. Bonus that I can put it on a trailer and take it home behind a station wagon. 24' might be too small to overnight a family The 750 has a taller rig than the F24 and the 750 mk2 has more buoyancy in the amas to counteract the bigger rig. Edit:
  14. Water cooled gearbox. Didn't PYI make a bronze saildrive for a while? I would think composite worth a try.
  15. Marsaudon Composites ORC50 (TS5) right-side up for reference.
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