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  1. We used Cheeky Tangs on Morello. They work well. We had a S.S. bolt machined. Emailed a drawing and description.
  2. Zephyrwerks, The sheave Factory is your friend.
  3. We have five years on our Firefly's. Three group 31batteries, 200 watts of solar and a 165amp alternator. We live aboard and have a very simple electrical system. Solar will supply our needs at the dock (no shore power). In the morning our state of charge is 55 to 60%, in the evening it is 75 to 80%. We rarely see anything above 90% state of charge as it involves a lot of motoring. Only once in five years have we hit 100%. I have been trying to kill them so that I could install lithium but.......
  4. Triple Jack, Happy to see that you are still at it. On Morello we went with a shaft and prop. I think that a saildrive may be less drag but I did not want to haul out annually to service it. We sailed up to St. John last weekend, our first trip north since we saw you at Christmas. Saturday morning we sailed east into Sir Francis Drake Channel on our way to the south shore of St. John. The only boat we saw was a ferry coming out of Roadtown. It was eerie. Monday's sail back to St. Croix was nice and sporty. I hope that there is an around Tortola race in November and outsiders can participa
  5. Bryanjb take it somewhere else, your not welcome in the USVI with your attitude! Our health care system is limited and it will be overwhelmined shortly if people of your ilk have there way.
  6. The sheeting angles on our 40’Grainger tri is 7 degrees and the track is on that line. Easing the sheets we have to barberhaul outboard. Check your sailmaker. Great to see progress on TJ.
  7. Contact Mack Boring and see if they have a mechanical drawing for the saildrive molding. As far as I know it is a OEM part.
  8. I believe that Bob Perry is the designer of the Baba 30. I would call him and pay his consultation fee.
  9. Triple Jack, yes you are worthy. Thank you for the kind words. It's people and boats like Triple Jack that have inspired me over the years to build our boat and chase a dream. Many boats with far less damage from Irma and Maria have been relegated to the trash heap yet you have decided to put her back together. I look forward to seeing her sailing and on the race course.
  10. Hi Raceingin paradise,

    Larry here from Morello, a Grainger Design 40’ tri from St Croix. We are at Nanny Cay Marina for a few days and would like to stop by Triple Jack tomorrow (Sunday) and check out the project. I do not want to take up your time but would like to meet you.

    Thank you, Larry 


    1. racinginparadise


      Good one, we’ll be there!

  11. QLite, I have. Nexus FDX server that you can have. Send me an address and I will ship it. We had a lightning strike nearby and things randomly started to go haw wire on our boat. We are replacing our current system and would like it if any of the old could be used. 

    Larry Ketten

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