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  1. ...The newly hired mechanic asks why we call the oil change pump Monica.
  2. Funny this should come up now... Per my Mother's request, I jumped through all the appropriate hoops and got the requisite permit I needed to take custody and control of the family firearms. While there is great sentimental attachment to the ones my father and I used, there was a pistol which was worth (theoretically) quite a bit of dough and was absolutely frightening to shoot, which I had no interest in owning. Although I felt guilty about it, I shopped it around and eventually sold it, put a few Benjamins in my pocket and walked away with those and the new Sig 320 I have wanted for y
  3. Mum turns 94 in less than a month, if she hangs in there. I'm scheduled to free her from the gulag of rehab Saturday, where she has been since a breaking her pelvis (ouch!) at Christmas. She was counted out a couple of times, but has kept rallying back. I NEVER thought she'd be seeing her house again, but here she comes. Tough as a picnic egg.
  4. The Yard I work in has a policy of no masts in. We have inside storage for about 250 50'+ spars and another 200 or so smaller ones We do a few over 65' , probably 20 or so, and a couple of big scary ones. It requires a somewhat specialized crew, but it isn't rocket surgery. There is inevitably some damage every year, usually lights, but I have pulled some of my rigs, lofted them, unrigged, bundled, racked, unracked, built and stepped some of mine 30 times without so much as a scratch on the bury. I learned from some very capable people. For the most part, it ain't cheap. Despite this
  5. ...But rod is lighter, stretches less and has less windage.
  6. A most satisfying storm experience here. Didn't lose power, no flooding in the boatyard, so there was no need to venture out. The huge advance notice allowed for a two day supply of wood to be transferred to covered porch and the garage, so the only time I had to go out was to shovel out the door to the backyard for the dogs. Good thing too, as the whiteout was often worse than I recall seeing - 100 feet or so. A local wag reported we got between 3 inches and 3 feet. Now however, the piper must be paid and I am girding my loins for the multi hour shovel fest. The trick is going to be wo
  7. I have a customer with one which I rig, and it's a sporty little thing. I'm not a fan of "euro styling" but this one doesn't make me throw up in my mouth too much, maybe it's the faux teak. On the plus side, as noted, it sails pretty well without a lot of effort, moves nicely and handles well under power, and costs less than Bill Gates's house. Downside is a full 4 feet of standing headroom, an enclosed head which is the size of a matchbox, and like so many "modern, easy to sail" boats, an enormous PITA to unstep. If you are rich enough to have a 33' daysailer which you race a couple of
  8. Nettles


    Or the Swiss: The charm of the Germans with the manners of the French.
  9. I like Marlow d2 club well enough, but bang for buck it's tough to beat Viper. We are selling it for 3-5 Cents a foot more than Sta Set. Love the Yale products, but as stated, have been tough to get what you want.
  10. I have had no complaints of line slippage and have not experienced any myself, though my experience with unreasonably loaded viper is limited to one experience. It would be simple to put a fattener in the core at the clutch though, a far cry from say, Endura braid.
  11. I have been using it to replace Sta Set for my customers for a couple of years now and they are pretty happy with it. Hard to beat the price point. It is also a great line to learn and practice your core to core splicing skills on as the cover is a pretty loose weave, which I would think could be a problem, but hasn't been to date. The core is likewise loose, and I wouldn't (and haven't) try to strip it out and use the bare core for the eye. Other than that, the only thing I don't like is I think it is butt ugly, but it is such an improvement over Sta Set it is worth it.
  12. It doesn't count as the best thing I've made, as all I did was open them, but the Bride and I treated ourselves to some farmed oysters at Christmas, and were so enamored we got some for Dr King's birthday as well. Dunno if it's because they are farmed or not but we had a taste test with some wild Choptanks (which we like a lot) and they won hands down. Got em from Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury MA
  13. When I wrote upthread that I had been out of the game a while and things had changed a lot, I had no idea of the magnitude of my understatement. Thanks to the internet and 3 consecutive days where no sane person would be outdoors, I have gained a little ground on a near vertical learning curve. What little I have learned is pretty disheartening. Colt Gone? Remington ruined by the venture capitalists? Wtf? I leave you guys alone for a minute.... So in chasing down a shotgun I start to narrow my sight picture down to a Mossberg 500 or a Remington 870, in a pump. But in trying to actua
  14. This is exactly my concern. I am inclined to believe that I am trying to check too many boxes at once, and I would be better off getting her used to a little more recoil in exchange for more reliability in a pump. She had never fired a round until a dozen years ago, and is still leery of firearms, though she very much enjoyed plinking away with a 22. She was pretty good too. There is going to have to be a lot of education and practice for her to feel comfortable. This is for a vacation house, which is a long way from help in the fairly unlikely event of an intruder. In such a situati
  15. Any of you guys ever hear of Churchill Shotguns? I have been out of the game for a long time, and it has changed a lot but in looking for a cheap 20 gauge I found this in a semi auto, which would hopefully reduce the recoil enough for Mrs Nettles to be able to use it for home security. Comes with a 28 inch spare barrel in addition to the 18.5 so she could practice on clay pigeons and presumably become somewhat more proficient and comfortable with it. It is made in Turkey (Akka?) and reviews erratically. Ring a bell with anyone?
  16. I love the barograph! We had one on a boat I was on going down the South African coast. The printed line dropped down nearly vertically leading to the most impressive waves I have ever seen and the owner framing the graph and putting it on his wall. I'm not sure if its supposed to be a memory or a warning.
  17. The poor family who owned "Pennis Market" here in the village had a terrible time keeping both "Ns" on the storefront.
  18. TPG, what were you using THAT for?
  19. I just got my last spar into the loft at 3:00 pm yesterday, from a customer was the sole sailor in the harbor (other than the crazy frostbiters) for the last 6 weeks. He was sailing a lot too. Grateful that I got the rig out before the halyards froze up, that kinda takes a little of the fun out of it. Started here around 0345, and we had almost 6 inches by 0630. I'm guessing about 5" more by noon, and it is still drifting down. The driving around town blows goats. I'm going to go play with the Bobcat.
  20. 'Sokay Willin, it's bragworthy. I want to know about the "biologics", and what was done to encourage/encounter them.
  21. Why TPG? I used to use just a backpack ( noBC ) for shallow water, and liked it well enough, but found the Jacket BC a bit more comfortable prior to entering the water. Of course this was over 30 years ago and I'm sure things have changed. Given that I almost exclusively shore dive, I wonder if the 2" webbing and crotch strap, as well as anything on my side of the plate might be pesky, picking my way from the truck to swimmable water. The travel BC I am leaning towards is back floatation only, and doesn't have a lot of extraneous crap on it. I don't really foresee my diving habits changing
  22. We have about the same house, only on a 9000sf lot, which Zillow says is now worth 3/4 of a million bucks (If we ever find that sucker buyer) and we pay about twice that. Of course our trash trucks are gold plated. With 19,000 yuppies (out of 20,000 ) it costs a lot to keep up appearances. The village has changed a lot in the last 20 years since we bought this dump place and the taxes were 1/3 of what they are now. This is making your fair state look better and better. We'll join the Header exodus and live with a longer winter and more mosquitos. And blackfies. Mustn't forget the blackf
  23. Holy coincidence Batman! On the heels of my previous post extolling the virtues of my antediluvian gear, Santa dropped off a substantial gift card at the local dive shop. Mrs Nettles thinks I need a new BC, and she may be right, the current one is about 25 years old, kinda bulky, and not integral with weights. Perusing the options available is mostly frustrating as the range of products is enormous - I don't really need a double backpack with side carry option- and makes me tempted to stick with the old standard, comfort and fit. I am leaning towards the same kit I got for the Bride a c
  24. I like going to my dive shop to get my circa 1980's reg serviced, especially if there is some gear nut in the shop whose kit looks like Buck Rodgers'.
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