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  1. sailhmb


    Your transparency and commitment are winning me over. Keep up the good work. I hope the engineers appreciate how arrows you have taken.
  2. I believe Hobie Alter surfed a boat wake out to Catalina.
  3. I have configured the VX main sheet as; boom block, boom block w/cam cleat, and deck swivel cam cleat. All configurations were used in numerous races. I stayed with the deck cleat to allow another hand free for certain circumstances (snafus) and better sheeting leverage while sitting or hiking (which was a surprise). In light air racing I pull the main all the way out to the end knot and play the sheet from the boom. One must be vigilant to not leave the main cleated when racing because the VX is more dinghy with a live main sheet than keel boat.
  4. yes, the insert and the knob are 3D printed. files are available at no cost if you are interested.
  5. Simple modification to a hays 1/4" open turnbuckle.
  6. WCB- I have been considering a road trip to Park City with my VX. Could you recommend a regatta there or a show & sail with the sailing school?
  7. sailhmb


    I had written off atlas as another failed device company. However I will stay on the fence for a little longer. Good luck to your tech boys. You have the opportunity to pull victory from the jaws of defeat.
  8. Adventure - nice post. please add more when you finish the powered dollies.
  9. A 6x6 is better than an atv. Heavier and has a lower body hull which protects the under carriage from rusting.
  10. include a 12v winch in your options. Your car battery can be the power source or you can bring a smaller portable battery. I have done both and a little chemical energy assist is a time and body saver.
  11. Talk to mr Honda about the data, it is not my job to defend their claims. Do you have a preferred quiet outboard option for JimBowie?
  12. Can you put a winch on the camp site?
  13. its has tested as the lowest Db of the ICE family.
  14. Honda 2hp 4 cycle. Quiet, light, reliable. Use it to push Cal 20s around. Had mine since 2000. The new ones are rated at 2.3hp.
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