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  1. I have made this repair on my vx1 mast 3 times. I believe you can buy a section of mast track from West Coast Sailing. Buy more than you need for future repairs. Square cut the ends of the broken section and sand the interim surface smooth. Sand the internal edges of the tract so that the sail can pass by easily. Glue the new section in place with a filled epoxy. Hold in place with tape around the mast until cured. Good sailing.
  2. We did 6 cal 20s to switch over to copper coat. Dry out was problem. Foreverslow has a good technique. Put on your hazmat kit and go to work.
  3. most sing. The recommendation is to chamfer the keel TE. That removes the anodizing which would I prefer to avoid.
  4. I had the same problem as Green03. Since I only have been working with polyester and epoxy for 50 years I was perplexed. The gelcoat mfg treated my inquiry as if I just fell off the turnip truck. I learned more here.
  5. Do you race it in your area?
  6. My board is an aluminum airfoil extrusion. Can 2/or3 be modified on this board?
  7. Did the keel hum before you modified the trailing edge?
  8. Failure mode - sheets could wrap around it when furling was almost finished and crush or side load parts. Usually happened when we are busy and don't see any wrong until it is unfurled and parts drop on to deck.
  9. My daggerboard starts singing at ~8kts then changes pitch at 11kts. I noticed that the AC boats sing too. With the amount of resources they devote to increase speed is it: A - not possible to stop, B - does not affect speed?
  10. Loads possible around furler are higher than expected. I have attempted a series of 3d printed parts including reinforcement with carbon fiber/epoxy. so far broken everyone.
  11. sailhmb


    Yo Frers 81 - Well said sir. I tip my hat. I put my money down on an Atlas 2. Jackdaw has my trust, but verify.
  12. I used Dock Blocks. Good durability. It is important to match block width with chine to chine boat width if you intend to use short blocks under the boat and full blocks as adjacent walkways. The combined width of the short blocks should not pinch the boat bottom.
  13. Good news. Got both traveler tracks off the boat and the car contact surfaces are ok. Therefore I will not need to buy new tracks. However there are small areas missing black anodize due to surface damage or corrosion. Any recommendations for painting/coating these spots?
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