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  1. https://www.philly.com/news/rescue-sailboat-capsized-new-jersey-coast-guard-atlantic-city-20190530.html
  2. Sadly I know the end of her story too. She was in my marina until about 6 months ago. She was left by an older gent who had lived on her very simply for a number of years. Word is he moved back to Maine. She never did sell on Boat Angel. But somehow another guy who lived in the woods around here somewhere took ownership. I spoke with him the day he changed a water pump and got her 3gm running smoothly. A couple days later he motored out with a plan to do something with her back near the woods where he lived. Flash forward to yesterday when I saw her laying abandoned again on the side of the IC
  3. Actually it left marina about 6 months ago but I found it today abandoned on the ICW about 10 miles away. In even worse condition if that can be imagined. Sad. I stopped by it today on way back from Beaufort and looked inside. The sweet little 3gm still sits inside still above water... someone needs to salvage that llittle gem. I saw the boat leave the marina and that engine was running.
  4. I clean other boats in my marina from time to time. Just finished a Tartan 33 deep clean last week. Nice boat. Needs new standing rigging and some cosmetic stuff but sails and bones are good. Harken out on the front. Owner hopes to have her on market in Charleston, SC in a couple weeks complete with newer dingy and engine...
  5. You, my friend, are an inspiration and a kindred soul. Probably will never happen for me unless my wife give me a sabbatical from our marriage to go do it. Won't be able to afford to for many years anyway. But part of me wants to spend the first year of my retirement sailing around the gulf and up the east coast. Stop in every little town that looks worth exploring, meet new people, eat at local restaurants, just experience life before this ride is over. Wife doesn't get it. Fascinating thread especially for a guy working on his second near Zombie. The wife. Yep she of infinite patience a
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