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  1. The important question is what is on the 2021 in-race playlist this year?
  2. Is the luff in the grove on the furler foil? The first couple feet of the luff look awfully far off the foil. If it’s in the groove (which I assume), I’d guess luff tension is way low. Also, how is headstay sag? With the frac rig, the backstay isn’t giving you any increase in headstay tension… so might need to adjust. Especially in the wind-range you reference. Lots of good advice, but just wanted to point-out the lower portion of the luff doesn’t look right to me, and I’d guess you need some halyard and maybe headstay tension in addition to the inside track.
  3. I thought Lithium Batteries had to be carried-on and that they aren’t allowed in checked-bags. I was paged in Shanghai one time because their bag scanners for checked-bags detected a lithium battery in a portable power pack, told me I could put in my backpack and take it on the plane, but not allowed in baggage hold.
  4. The Coffin Maker Listed as a sailboat with no mast or sail and can only use the motor... sounds more like a motorboat to me. The name seems interesting... from the Choctaw language,/itumbi ikbi/, meaning "box maker, coffin maker", from /itumbi/, "box, coffin", and /ikbi/, "maker"
  5. I did this maybe 10yrs ago on all my stanchions, when converting to dyneema lifelines. Wish I had pictures of the steps, but I found it was important to flare both ends at the same time. So I got several sizes of steel ball bearings (progressively larger) and ground a flat-spot on each. I started with the smallest set (maybe 1/4” bigger than the stainless tube I was using), then used a c-clamp to smash the bearings against both end at the same time. Swapped to a larger set of ball-bearings, repeated, and then repeated again with even larger ball-bearings. To roll the edge down after f
  6. We all live in a yellow submarine.... but really, looks like TLC must have been part of the head decor... or would you call that dècor??? https://mobile.craigslist.org/boa/d/gallion-phil-bolger-designed-as29/7284416573.html
  7. 39' Steel Hull Sailboat Only $49,000 and a little assembly, could get you a $250k yacht! Or something like that. Just don’t clean-off the patina... that ads value don’t ya know, I learned that from Antiques Roadshow! Ad says spruce onsite for the mast... wonder if they mean you get to pick a tree? Wonder if the finger is included???
  8. Off topic, but did the J33 in Massachusetts sell?
  9. Here’s the front that fell off... https://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/clt/d/harrison-township-sail-boat-bow-30/6905045249.html
  10. I thought one time Tim refereed to this boat as “dad’s boat” and something about “someday” I’ll get working on it. Maybe I heard wrong, or is the Sarn’s family the dreamers on this one?
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