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  1. Poor Jeffrey Epstein. Prison justice system handled his ass. Somehow Sirhan managed to avoid that fate. Are all incarcerated Cali murderers Republicans and protected him? Or maybe, Kennedy clan wants him out so they can administer some old fashioned biblical justice. Whatever. This is so fucked up.
  2. Yeah. Seen her 3or 4 times in small local venues. Incredible voice and great banjo/guitar/fiddle player to boot. Comes around to smaller venues. Just today heard some rediscovered old Joni Mitchell outtakes. Great voice and brilliant song writer as well. Also bold enough to follow her muse into jazz and other music forms.
  3. Apologies to all you impatient types. This is a pretty long article about bowling ball design and construction. Nevertheless, it's interesting how the beer stained balls I'll occasionally chuck down an alley have evolved. Enjoy, or not...... https://www.wired.com/story/one-mans-amazing-journey-to-the-center-of-the-bowling-ball/?bxid=5cc9e0c42ddf9c1a7add58ae&cndid=49422623&esrc=mobileInterstitial&source=EDT_WIR_NEWSLETTER_0_DAILY_ZZ&utm_brand=wired&utm_campaign=aud-dev&utm_mailing=WIR_Daily_052721&utm_medium=email&utm_source=nl&utm_term=list1_p4
  4. I live in the SW corner of New Hampshire. Wofsey's right (hate to admit). NH is is insular, but the Southeast part of NH has become a suburb of Boston. Many Massachusetts residents moved over the border to escape the higher cost of living and tax structure while still working in Boston or the tech corridors. Their number and influence is doing much to change the social, political and economic climates. Merrimack though not coastal has a kinda moderated (how's that for a precise meteorological description) climate. Not the huge snows or super frigid temps that an outsider might associ
  5. This country is awash in self righteousness from every angle. Olive Oil's is of a benign sort. He continues to have the passion to engage the unwashed SA masses and no doubt derives pleasure and validation from his effort. Yet another rhetorical amusement. I hope he offers the political science students at the prestigious institution where he teaches "fair and balanced" perspectives of whatever he subjects them to. Carry on....as long as the fires burn bright. I'll simply spectate periodically and expend my remaining energies elsewhere. This too shall pass.
  6. If you love dogs.........don't be stupid efuf to buy pet insurance for them like I did. Always adopted dogs. All mixed breeds. Adopted a 3 year old lab this time and was wary of the health issues particular to the breed as they age so signed up with Healthy Paws. "Highly rated", glowing testimonials, all the right stuff that appeals to over attached sappy dumb ass dog lovers. Put up with the relatively high annual increases and inquired every year to be greeted with justifications like the increases in vet bills, etc. So last year the premium increased over 30%. This year its going fro
  7. Previous positions no doubt compensated him quite well. Unless he was canned, US Sailing probably had to offer an extremely attractive package to lure him over. Are there enough remaining memberships or other revenue streams capable of supporting this? Tune in next year for the next exciting episode.
  8. Cancer's ugly grip reaches out for someone else. Personal trial for them, their family and loved one's. Thoughts of strength and positivity to all affected. The SA community unites in support yet again.
  9. Daughter introduced her 4 year old daughter to skiing at Loveland this year. Thankfully loving it. This Saturday I understand to be their last day.
  10. No[t that there's anything wrong with that............. Perhaps explains why this thread hasn't evolved into a hot chicks at the dog park gallery.
  11. Best 1969- Jefferson Airplane with Grace, Neil Young with Crazy Horse in a tiny venue. Less Ancient- Peter Gabriel, U2 More Recent- RichardThompson/Shawn Colvin at Levon Helm Studio in Woodstock NY Worst- Accompanied my then 15 year old daughter to Mariah Carey concert at Madison Square Garden.Surrounded by gum chewing, cake makeuped, leather jacket wearing Long Island housewives that spent the entire time loudly yacking with one another. I hope I earned some good dad points somewhere that evening. Guess I should lie and say I went to Woodstock like half the people w
  12. A life lived well. My daughter inherited much of my love for German cars and driving, A strong athletic blonde lady, I sent her to a couple of Skip Barber schools at Lime Rock and she feels very confident and capable behind the wheel. Also sent her Sabine Schmitz's vids not just to view the driving but appreciate the seemingly constant joyous spirit Schmitz put forth. Couldn't be a better role model. Vielen Dank Frau Schmitz
  13. You're getting quite good dump this weekend. Enjoy!!!!!!!!
  14. I will not look at that boat a second time. I will turn around and walk away without looking back over my shoulder. Damn cool boat. Begging for some delusional idiot like me to waste way too much time and money on it, The siren song of boats beckons yet again.
  15. Thanks for the moorage info. Have to get my sorry ass out there first. Then poke around and get a true sense of the regular drive inconvenience to Dillon vs. puttering about on Cherry Creek.
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