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  1. If I were to be headed westbound around I would be interested in my scantlings, then my fasteners/bonding, then weather-ability. All the rest, rig, accommodation, rations, tacking ability, deck safety, communications, nav, endurability, etc, would come next. If I have a small, shoal boat then I'd look at an inside passage with some hiding places. And I'd want good ground tackle. I probably wouldn't set a record.
  2. Sikaflex is the poorer man's 5200
  3. You might wish to be more specific, eg this sounds like he is attaching a plywood deck onto a wooden hull (nails). There are many different grades of builders adhesive with different purposes. One consideration the open time, another is cost, another weight, another strength, etc etc. 5200 used to be a go to option for many builders.
  4. 3M is stocking the purple to HD
  5. Another thing to consider would be balls on sheets and halyards, all the cheap old dinghy tricks, like riveting plastic hoops on boom to tuck pole into upwind, etc. https://www.amazon.com/-/es/Julian-Brooke-Houghton/dp/090675416X
  6. Sorry, no, not a lot of pictures. Heavy bungy needed to support the pole, stretch so can pull it forward to ring. Can use ring or block on pole, 1 change is if your pole is set up for end for end needs to be adapted to 1 way so up/down hauls get lashed/riveted/bolted to fwd end. Another change is downhaul needs to be near partners or step. Which side to dowse on is up to you, on short courses windward was common as it set you up to launch but depends on gybe you approach on. Nice to be able to do both tactically but bringing in a big kite solo to weather is tricky, 18s do it. Helps t
  7. Before there were spiro fittings we used to use a single pole on a traveler. Those poles were light enought that the travelr could be bungy cord wrapped around the mast to both ends of the boom. You still had to go to the mast and clip and unclip it from the ring but then it just self stowed on the side. The big trick was sheeting the main off the shrouds so the pole could pass them. The up and down hauls were permanently rigged, in a set you clipped in the sheet, twing on, then launch and hoist. We had a launcher so could just suck it in and forget the pole until later. With a bag boat you ju
  8. A rule of thumb has been it's better for the board to flex than the bearing points, but, hey, times change.
  9. ? https://www.temofrance.com/en_GB/shop/product/t450-43-temo-450-104 ?
  10. Ok, not familiar with proas. That Temo longtail mentioned in the Rocket thread is interesting.
  11. I like it, maybe just raise the rowlocks 2"?
  12. With that tall a rig you need more twist.
  13. What about removing some of the bulkhead, reinforce the panel(s) then rebuild as a water tank(s)?
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