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  1. Good points about the furler creating windage and doubled lines being a cure. Leading a long doubled line back to the cockpit for a quick release is good if you can keep it out of the prop. How to slip it, maybe a second line to pull it into the boat? Coming in is always going to be hard but you do have some way on to help. It may seem weak but walking it with a boathook sometimes works. Or a pole.
  2. I like the idea of lazy bag and water collector in one.
  3. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-58791274 Pandora Papers said to be from 14 different financial firms arou d the world. The source is a mystery, I wonder what the life expectancy of a source is? What repercussions did past leakers face? They have pissed off some wealthy and powerful people, not just in South Dakota.
  4. My boat came with a roller furler, the partially furled sail is ok for reaching, not much else. It is a lot of weight high up, and windage, it is a hassle bringing the jib up and down, better now with lifelines and nets. I'd prefer a tradtional setup but it takes some money and time to convert. Piece by piece, first a good inner jib. A deck bag makes a lot of sense.
  5. The Northeast is tricky, running into things there isn't hard. Local knowledge helps alot.
  6. Actually, that's not what he says, yes, the mate is the responsible party but the system failed him. The need to save costs drove bad decisions resulting in the disaster. The point about ballasting being not free is huge, environmental regulations prohibiting discharge of untreated water coupled with the unprecedented scale of these vessels drove crappy decision making. The shipper wants to save money so he charters with a FOC carrier which uses foreign crew. The carrier wants the charter so they bid low then cut every corner possible to max profits. This is a $.5+B fuckup, there needs to be m
  7. Is that blue on the freeboard only? Not sure where that railing shot was? Transom? First thing is paint it a light color. If you're going to repaint then sand the blue down through the primer, tent it, then let it dry all winter, in the sun. Take periodic moisture readings to see if things change. Then, if it seems stable, reprime, repaint, go sailing.
  8. Thank goodness it's made of carbon.
  9. Big Dream, I only crewed a few times on 1 45 years ago so hardly an expert. They were Olympic so there are tuning manuals out there.
  10. Interesting, F-one lists both carbon and (apparently) noncarbon foils. Didn't know that.
  11. Fairing without sanding is kinda difficult, could try gelcoat with plastic tape but if that's paint usually you want something softer than the surrounding areas if possible. Tricky to wetsand resin overlaid on soft paint. Bondo will swell a little but is soft, there's a Euro finish bondo that's gets pretty smooth. Yes, those boffins do say the leading edge matters.
  12. 2 part polyurethane foam and the mast step, it seemed like a bad idea at the time. I am now never surprised by expedient solutions.
  13. Interesting location for the liferaft. Any time that you're docking a 150'er is probably tense.
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