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  1. Think their account is they saw it coming and made some provision but, in the end, not enough. We all get surprised from time to time.
  2. Been looking at the Azores a bit, well positioned to go any direction, not always lots of wind but relatively easy to hit lanes going north, south, east, and west. They say there are some reasonable yards there and a boat can over winter wet, with a local custodian. Supposedly the western Med is cheaper than the eastern, maybe until you get to Turkey. Crossing Biscay during winter or equinoxes or heading north up Portugal can be tough. I think it's usually easier to round the British Isles clockwise (defer to local knowledge), the OSTar start in late May, which is tough for N Americans. The Ir
  3. Best guess, as the crane guys always say it's too light to register on their gauge, is 3-4,000 lbs. Depends on the details. Lighter than a C31 but also wider.
  4. I put a C31 42.5" alu rotating Mike Leneman section on mine, seems to work.
  5. https://www.southcoasttoday.com/article/19960622/news/306229932
  6. Amati, nice. Maybe can play with the gunter spar to vary flex more easy than topmast?
  7. The Colligo stopper knot chains look nice. Increasing shroud tension is a matter of tradeoffs, you get a tauter forestay, which is usually good upwind, but rotation becomes more difficult. If it's a cat then much of it is usually lost in beam deflection. Tris can get more out of it if the hull and beam triangles are stiff enough. If you just banana the hull then you don't get much effect. The extra ball compression can also be an issue. One interesting option is the Aussie 505 rake technique from the 80s. Due to their softer Kyrwoods they used to ease rake back without shroud adjustm
  8. How does that rotating gunter work for you? Been interested in that for a while, unstayed?
  9. https://www.mcmaster.com/plastics/shape~rod-and-disc/multipurpose-flame-retardant-garolite-g-10-fr4-rods/
  10. Haven't done withdrawal testing but I have had good results using a tap in a dowel or 404.
  11. As these originally well built and designed boats age there will be more failures.
  12. Bonded parts are usually more vulnerable at the bond line, repairing from outside and eliminating bond line is probably stronger and lighter.
  13. Not even a cheroot, missed the Agency and Burisma.
  14. Did I say that you said that you are in a rush?
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