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  1. Weren't NYYC threatening to get the court involved when they presented their challenge as well? Seems like if NYYC or RNZYS really have something on TNZ they should pull the trigger on a lawsuit or STFU if they are just unhappy with whatever it is TNZ are doing.
  2. I'd be surprised if things are that cut and dry if they are getting lawyers involved. Surely ETNZ (or whatever corporate backing entity, TNZ, etc..) have a contract with RNZYS.. It's conceivable that RNZYS off load some obligation/rights to TNZ...
  3. I think it's fair to point out, that each time Team NZ / GD have been thrown under the media bus they have come out alright. Just think back to the shit show those event coordinators and subsequent ministry investigations, stirred up, and none of it stuck. There were new papers, people here, etc.. claiming that was the end of GD and the team.. Then there was the Brazilian guy trying to get his 15 minutes that was also supposed to tarnish the team... didn't happen. The fact is, Team NZ and GD aren't as stupid as many wish, and are playing the cards in accordance. Newpapers running rum
  4. You need a break. Seriously. Only Darth Vader would be impressed by the amount of pure hatred oozing from your posts regarding SGP and the F50s. That can't be healthy.
  5. That's all good and well, but I don't think the origin of SGP Team USA has much to do with viewership market share, or catering the speed output to the existing sailor base. I am assuming the decision on what UoM to display the boat speeds in depended solely on one thing- "Fastest Boats, Best Sailors" marketing. Once the AC75's equaled and surpassed the SGP 50s they couldn't claim "fastest" anymore, so what better way to cover that up than to simply change to km/h. "Hey look! that one is going 80! that's so much faster than the 50 in the boring old America's Cup." The e-mail confirma
  6. So... because they've stopped production, all the current Evinrude engines in existence are no longer operable?
  7. You didn't really think that the US market was even a contender for strongest market did you? There are probably more people in NZ alone that are interested in sailing than the number of people living in the US who are aware that people race sail boats.
  8. Ah, I see. I have you on ignore, so your post was hidden.
  9. Any word on whether or not the Bermuda event is covid-canceled?
  10. It's not wrong... I mean these boats are so close already - it certainly seems like someone with the $$ and motivation could take a v1 boat and do it if one of the cup teams doesn't. They also have the potential to run a "get up to speed" foil on one tack, and then gybe/tack onto the high-speed foils for the record run, if it was too difficult to get a foil capable of 70+ knots to be useful at 20 knots.
  11. Looks like the shed doors are open, and the camera cat is out front waiting for something to happen, via the web cam... edit- Shes out:
  12. We hear a lot about "loosing rudder grip" etc, and that's when the crashes happen. What I am suggesting, is that they end up with an out of balance sail plan to below water foil configuration and it becomes too risky to even consider the code zero. So the question becomes, would you rather go 7 knots or be on your side?
  13. A lot is being made of the drag penalty once up on the foils, but there is a balance aspect to consider as well. With the additional sail area, they must not be able to get to their desired settings elsewhere in the configuration once the boat is up and ripping. I'm sure the "structural headstay" as others are referring to it, is connected to hydraulics under deck, and they can play luff (jib Cunningham) and rake fairly easily, which may not be as feasible with the code zero tacked out onto the bow sprit.
  14. I am expecting to see their third set of foils when it comes out of the shed again. They've got nothing to lose at this point by piling on whatever gear they have been holding back. They had sailors from all the other teams crawling all over their boat, I'm sure they took note of a feature or two.
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