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  1. maybe trade in those gold foils for carbon? the savings could pay the entry fee and deposit on a boat! oh carbon well maybe not...
  2. Only magic at this point, the miracle is years late...!
  3. only if he can crap out a few zillion quid, a sailing squad, a support team, oh and a ac boat in the very near future....
  4. so you get the world match race series in identical boats pitting the best teams against each other...and then the AC which was to be design teams from home countries pitting best designs again each other and then race each other. So we now have a single person (ok maybe two), that is going to rent a boat from another country, with others peoples money, that is known that he does not have, to sail against teams that have spent considerable resources to design a boat and refine a boat, per the rules, and then on top of that use a crew that is rented...wtf? some people have no shame...what a sha
  5. wasnt there an incentive for four challengers? seems they have only three....
  6. Come on, look at the calendar, it's not April 1st....although it is pretty funny. If they are in NZ, all two (probably one by now) of them, then just ship the dumpster over and assemble....
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