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  1. I messed up and used my spinnaker sheet on another project this winter (very nice painters on my canoe, actually), and wonder if anyone knows, or knows where to find, specs for diameter and length for the sheet. Thanks, Dave
  2. We've been playing Trickster Euchre with friends for months, both from our own homes (using separate devices for Zoom) and from across the room when we've visited in person. It's a little laggy sometimes, but works well for us.
  3. Stick is the norm in my household. My XTerra, my wife's Forester, my daughter's 1st Saturn. When she went to driver's ed class (after passing her license test in my Impreza), she was the 1st person the instructor put behind the wheel on the first night. When all were settled in the car the instructor told her to put the car into gear and pull out of the parking lot. Her response? "How?"
  4. Did anyone mention that the "extra" turning block on the starboard of the mast is for the spinnaker halyard? The cleat on the cockpit floor needs another block, then the end of the halyard goes through the cam cleat and the guide on the centerline back to the turning block at the stern, where it magically becomes the spin retrieval line attached to the patch on the center of the spinnaker.
  5. FWIW, I turtled mine my first time out. Easy enough to right, but it can go over. Last time out, with the boat perpendicular to the end of a floating dock, the onshore wind got under the far side and laid the boat on its beam ends with the mast on the dock behind me. Took a bit of effort to get her back on her bottom.
  6. For y'all's info, I bought that Raider in 2018. Listing should have been taken down.
  7. Yes. The idea that I might have bought the wrong boat had begun flickering around the dark corners of my brain. The more-rational part of myself said that it had to be easier than I was making it.
  8. OK, then. I hitched up the boat in my driveway to try out in-the-boat mast raising. I lay the mast on the deck and stern and climbed aboard. First issue is that there's stuff in the way of good footing. Just ahead of the daggerboard slot is a built-in cooler. On top of that is the spinnaker bag, whose mouth is tied down to small cleats on each side of the cockpit. First order of business was to untie the port line and tie it to a small carabiner: now I can move the spinnaker and bag completely out of the way. Added benefit is that the cooler is now much more accessible. It also moves the
  9. Makes sense, Dex. I'll take a look. Still an open question whether it's a good idea...
  10. Dave, I'm glad you've been weighing in on this. I was hoping to garner advice from you and/or others with your level of experience. I was planning to try it as you suggested, though I was thinking I could pick it up, pivot it upright, and set it into the slot/step pretty much in one motion. If I have to stop at vertical to reposition my hands, I was hoping I could set the butt down next to my feet inside the boat. Will let y'all know how it goes..... Thanks, John, I'll try inside-the-boat raising next chance I get. I expect I'd need to keep the trailer hitched to
  11. Thanks, John. I'll try raising the mast from inside the boat at my next opportunity. I'd need to keep hitched to the tow vehicle if I were to step in from the stern. Otherwise, I'm sure I'd sky the front of the trailer. I'd also plan to keep the tie-downs (at bow eye and across the boat a couple feet forward of the stern) in place until the mast is raised. If there's a clear path, I'll try placing the foot in (or very nearly in) the step and pivot up from there. My trailer has the springs on top of the axle tube. Is it advisable to swap them to the bottom? Looks to me lik
  12. Stepping from in the boat rather than next to it should be easier. I've been wary of standing in the boat on the trailer, uncertain how well the hull is supported. I'll give that a try.
  13. I bought a Raider 16 last year, downsizing from a 24' trimaran that was getting to be too hard to manage going from trailer to sailing and back again. It has an unstayed mast that's a 22-foot carbon fiber tube. It's not particularly heavy, but it's really awkward to maneuver into the step. My usual procedure is to get the mast off the top of my car, move to alongside the boat, pivot the mast vertical with the foot resting on the ground, lift straight up, straighten my arms until the mast is over the step, and set the mast down in the step. If there's much of
  14. Had a surprise today while out meeting the Hokulea crew (link) at their nearest approach to me in western NY on their way around the world: I ran across a Pulse 600 in the wild! Would have liked to chat with the skipper, but he was headed out for a sail on Sodus Bay.
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