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  1. Hell, I don't the etiquette of quoting, but this is in response to Russell's post. I speak German very well (ought to, I'm a dual citizen), speak passable French, and bust my ass to pronounce things correctly. Amazing the doors that open when you do that. This is not rocket surgery. Merely effort and education. Why does/do (for the uneducated) the rest of the world send their best and brightest to our Universities? Hmmm... And JFC, the Irish pronounce American places and names as badly as most Americans do the opposite. You'll find out that most educated 'muricans (you know, the kind
  2. They didn't even produce that. That was purely German. But, it did let them focus on their cheeses.
  3. Russell, you've gotta be proud of this landing: https://www.nytimes.com/live/2021/02/18/science/nasa-mars-landing Right in the "Jezerro Crater" You've got some provenance. ;-) They basically dropped, as the STL police referred to them, a "Suburbitank" down there. By parachute and retro-rockets.
  4. Not entirely sure that's not a render. They're getting a lot better nowadays. Look at soft surfaces, like sail packs. Realism gets a bit lazy there. The asym detail is oddly fuzzy at the clew end as well. ... and that way you could graphically dial in any speed you'd like ;-)
  5. Wow - that's the quiltiest of quilted maple. Gorgeous! ;-) I love figured maples. We had ton of heavy birdseye maple flooring in our last house, and when either the sun or you moved the pattern seemed to shift. That, and it was so hard it could withstand the pressure of stilettos worn by ladies with generous allocations of advoirdupois. That's PC, right?
  6. I'm on Team Jetboil. Yeah, the fuel canisters are not cheap, but it's so fast, powerful, and efficient we use it backpacking, car camping, and on small boat camping. Good lightweight accessories (pan, pot, even a French Press (which I despise as far as coffee goes; we bring an aeropress for that) ) and it targets the heat to stay on the utensil and not leak out the sides. We've gone two weeks on 2 canisters Eurovan-camping with a family of 4, with coffee and eggs in the morning, backpacking or prepackaged rice mixes with meat in the evening, and steaming cockles with wine and garlic as apps i
  7. After Alex Honnold free-soloing El Capitan (the Jimmy Chin documentary for Nat Geo is online) ... Hell, look at this: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/09/sports/emily-harrington-free-climb-yosemite.html Chicks get their time in the sun, too. ;-) Brava! After being hoisted up a 60' mast twice, in minor seas and in harness, I'm the grinder from now on. It's that "looking down" problem.
  8. Wow, if Brisbane is now on the West coast, and Perth on the East, things have really turned upside down in Oz! ;-)
  9. Not a good memory, but a cousin of my wife's stayed-in-Lithuania branch of the family came over to visit and brought a semi-pro fish drum descaler with him, as his dream was to fish, and basically harvest and smoke half the population) of the upper midwest and Canada... It was basically a rotary cheese shredder; you can imagine the results. The demo kinda turned me off freshwater seafood for a good while, and I *exist* on (mostly PNW) seafood. Thanks, Costco! As it was 240V, I was drafted to provide him with a transformer to power the diabolical appliance, not knowing the carnage that was
  10. Didn't you hear? The Orange One has decreed the country has been renamed "Thighland". ... and we also have a new Middle Eastern National Park named "Yo Semite" ;-)
  11. When I searched for "GV11" in their homepage (boatbuildercentral.com) search, it popped up. May be a page index update problem.
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