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  1. Teenagers are not stupid and the next school year is starting. They can see what is going on around them and the distinct lack of mitigation measures in schools. Unsurprisingly there is only minimal interest to find out if they are really less likely to get/suffer from (long) Covid. Looks like school vaccinations are coming back in Germany. Some states announced them, biggest hurdle in mine seems to be politics around reserving a large block of vaccine. - While there are ~12 million unused doses in the system. So some schools organize a day trip to the nearest vaccination center for anyone i
  2. Numbers are climbing again. Local incidence is 57 (41 cases in 7 days), 63 for the region (729 cases in 7 days). 50 for the state and 72 for the nation. 50+ would result in increased measures but all politicians are most hesitant to do that, using any and all leeway to delay. Why? All of them have a serve case of election season.... There are no local vaccination numbers. The state is 67.4% single and 61.3% fully vaccinated. Nation wide 64.8% got a single dose and 59.9% are fully vaccinated. That is calculated against all age groups not just eligible ones. Fudged numbers would be 72.8 an
  3. There are idiots everywhere. To work in healthcare you already have to have a whole lot of vaccinations in most (all?) nations. Some are common, some not so much. Covid is one more. If anything I'd want to be vaccinated real quick before I get infected on the job... Ahows how little science education is required in huge parts the medical sector. Makes me happy that thing are not quite a crazy where I live. Like the total opposite of what Clove Hitch described. As I've said in the other thread: After a late evening call from the GP a family member went to the ER of what should be a
  4. Updated versions of the vaccines are underway, companies started on them when they had the initial version worked out. As always certification takes time. No idea if they get fast tracked or not. The normal way would be to apply for the approval as a variant of an already accepted vaccine. That is supposed to be relatively quick - or it would be really hard to update the annual influenza vaccines in time. But AFAIK there is only the emergency use authorization in the US, normal approval is lagging behind.
  5. This and myocarditis/pericarditis with mRNA is real. Just had a case in the family. From something is fishy, over the GP (internist) finding nothing but referring to a cardiologist out of caution, to a late evening call that Troponin T came back as way elevated and go to the ER that night. Admitted, Troponin T confirmed, still nothing whatsoever on EKG. Diagnosed as PMI and a stent the next morning. Now was that something that Astra Zeneca & Moderna did? Something latent that got provoked by the vaccine? Or is it more likely that the increased attention to adverse reactions led to
  6. Not at the time, by now there are a few in the usual media. Should only take a day or two for RORC press releases to catch up.
  7. Well... That is one way to make the old numbers look better.
  8. And done in 1d 9h 14m 58s accoding to the tracker. Aptivia and Skorpius are the only monohull that made the turn at this time.
  9. Gitana should arrive any moment.
  10. No booster for me, just got the second dose. With a bit of luck the nasal spray vaccines will become available at that time. Training the cells in the attack vector makes a lot of sense. They work in animal models (at least one has 100% efficacy in ferrets). The first humans trials were AFAIK not that good. Exact dosing is much more difficult and a problem. OTOH that were AFAIK initial vaccinations, not boosters.
  11. I wonder when the first life insurance adds lack of covid vaccination to the exclusion list.
  12. It is 2021. Turns out Covid makes the discussion really really simple: Get vaccinated or get the disease for real. Unfortunately the vaccines are not quite as effective against the variants, but serve and especially deadly outcomes are extremely reduced. Wich also renders large parts of the discussion moot. Covid can cause each and every harmful secondary effect found in the vaccines, just with a much MUCH MUCH higher probability. The sad part is even in the major western nations not everyone had an offer to get vaccinated. There are still big gaps in the coverage of elderly and infir
  13. I finally got the first dose. With a bit of luck I'll have the second one before the prevailing devil-may-care politics fuck it up for everyone...
  14. Did someone get around to tighten the thumb screws on the channel islands banks yet? Rather hard for the UK to veto that from the inside now.
  15. And that's a wrap. Looking at first and last boat through the finish a normal edition. Ari needed ~45% more time on the water. No record by any means but better than ~67% later from the last round.
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