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  1. Did someone get around to tighten the thumb screws on the channel islands banks yet? Rather hard for the UK to veto that from the inside now.
  2. And that's a wrap. Looking at first and last boat through the finish a normal edition. Ari needed ~45% more time on the water. No record by any means but better than ~67% later from the last round.
  3. I hope that the class gets alternative propulsion systems sorted out for everyone. Conrad had one in 2016/17, AFAIk there is no reason not to do it again. The OceanVolt system seems also to be a lot more robust at speed than the watt&sea generators. There was quite a bit of unneccesary drama with generators damaged or even ripped off in sudden overspeed events.
  4. Sounds like a few "fun" days for Alexia. At least the weather seems somewhat reasonable. 6 days or so for her to arrive. Ari is moving again. Another 5 or 6 days after Alexia. Not breaking any speed records, not breaking anything else either. 117(ish) days. Go faster Ari! With a bit of luck you still an catch a foiler. (From last edition, 116 days 9 h and change).
  5. Pip did great. Now the plan for next round "just" has to stay in place. Doing it again on a foiler.
  6. Boris did have his position on the dashboard. The perhaps biggest episode was when we here (and many others following him at the end of the race) knew that something was up when he hit the trawler and his speed went down. In contrast it took a long time until the commentators knew that something was up.
  7. And yet most of that drama could have been avoided with some early behind closed doors communication. "Yields are not good in Belgium. There may will be minor some major shortfalls." At least BionTech looks good. Sounds like the reworked production process makes up the AZ delays.
  8. Interesting™. There were a few reports today that AZ found some vaccine for EU delivery. No more significant shortfalls expected, nothing to see, move along. I guess we'll see in the a few days if there is anything to this round of telephone...
  9. Did someone follow the AIS situation closely? There is some discussion that Boris AIS did not show up on the usual sites. - Until the boat was at the dock. Might be the classic on-off vs off-on problem. Esp. with 3 independent systems failing at the same time.
  10. While some starters at the tail end of the fleet were ...lets call it not that successful others like Pip punch way above their weight. The majority of the "adventure class" performs about as well as expected, sailing without major problems. I don't see a problem in new boats, they'll filter down to the tail end of the fleet sooner or later. The challenge is in the limited amount of starters in the race (not enough deep harbor space) and the need to enough adventure boats to the start. - After making sure that they know what they are doing. The increased sailing requirements help with th
  11. Looks like there was a plant inspections at AZ in Belgium. AFMPS (the Belgian equivalent to the FDA) had questions. I wonder what the next round is.
  12. Supposedly the HERMANOS BUSTO (IMO: 9148788, MMSI: 224130870) https://www.vesselfinder.com/vessels/HERMANOS-BUSTO-IMO-9148788-MMSI-224130870 https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:164997/mmsi:224130870/imo:9148788/vessel:HERMANOS_BUSTO Not exactly a big trawler.
  13. Not in the health sector. Only as customer. Pretty much fed up with the political handling of Covid on all sides though. No matter where you look there are so many obvious things that did not happen or went utterly wrong... The vaccine procurement and distribution is just the tip of the iceberg.
  14. With the side bashed in over the foil this looks like an expensive repair. Loose/shifted foil case. Looks in some shots like the bowsprit got partly shoved into the boat as well. Then there is also the mast that needs a close look.
  15. So it was revenge for the BWR!
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