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  1. I wouldn't know about off topic because it's TLTR! (Too Long To Read) Especially the nested blue font...
  2. They are moving to Vietnam to supervise construction of the new boat?
  3. Oops, I think you're right. My mistake. I've been seeing that wrong for decades!
  4. With added RM at the top from a NACA foil windvane float, the Gougeon-32: P.S. from G-Wiz! Russell Brown’s New Toy, April 25, 2018 https://www.epoxyworks.com/index.php/g-32-catamaran-g-wiz/ P.P.S. Great place to mount a camera or two!
  5. I am reminded that it's possible to have a balanced rudder on a "skeg" with bearings top and bottom - from this old thread that lost all the images I posted thanks to a change in DropBox policy. All original images are here: http://www.islandcad.com/marine/rudder_replacement/ These from near the end: White rudder is pivoting at 15% of area (18% chord on this shape). Blue is pivoting at leading edge and would be shaped accordingly. Here is a balanced rudder based on moving only the bottom pivot point aft ~8 inches, changing only the angle at the top bearing, s
  6. At 2:42 in this video (Launching Pacific Proa CIMBA on Martha's Vineyard, ~1989), Lou McGregor reaches back to flip the tiller on the forward skeg rudder (starboard tack bow). The effect is instant.
  7. Skeg rudders are still quite popular on airplanes, of course. They have a long history on boats, with distinct advantages, primarily "the skeg also increases the strength of the rudder by allowing a bearing to be placed at the very bottom of the shaft which drastically reduces shaft loading." [source] P.S. From Kraken Yachts: Why our luxury sailing yachts have skeg hung rudders https://www.krakenyachts.com/skeghungrudders
  8. The folded ama bows are well above the waterline.
  9. Given the years of planning and many weeks of yard time invested in this effort, I don't think cost of materials will be much of a factor in overall cost. Really dragging on, eh?
  10. Congratulations! Sven sold Pacific Bee (Cimba) which has been renamed Areté and now lives on Chiloé Island, Chile: http://pacificproa.com/brown/arete/ Old pics from Sven showing rudders on Pacific Bee: http://pacificproa.com/brown/Pacific-Bee-new-looks-l.jpg
  11. I'm not surprised. Raising a long (9 feet draft) daggerboard to match rudder draft reduces draft and wetted surface substantially. The significant feature is that very little mass moves in the daggerboard, which could be done on monohulls too, but is a given on multihulls. Heavy Weather Strategies When Sailing a Catamaran https://www.sailmagazine.com/multihulls/heavy-weather-strategies-when-sailing-a-catamaran PETER JOHNSTONE - UPDATED:MAR 27, 2019 - ORIGINAL:JUL 30, 2014
  12. As far as I know, it's been common lore for 50+ years(?) that bluewater multihulls, when sailing downwind or in rough seas from unfavorable directions, will raise their main (forward, deepest) daggerboard(s) to improve directional stability. It has no effect on their righting moment since they have no ballast.
  13. With no trees or buildings at sea, any boat with an unobstructed horizon could have a good chance of success, esp. if willing to accept buffered, periodic access. The idea of antenna portability has two benefits, the second one being most pertain to tacking: to protect from bad weather. to carry and clamp on either side/end of the boat to get an unobstructed horizon.
  14. STARLINK REVIEW: BROADBAND DREAMS FALL TO EARTH, May 14, 2021 SpaceX’s satellite internet service is a technological marvel — when it works https://www.theverge.com/22435030/starlink-satellite-internet-spacex-review
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