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  1. P.S. https://www.yugoimport.com/en/proizvodi/hawk-5-five-seat-runway-independent
  2. "Sailing Outrigger Canoes" or "sailau" in Papua New Guinea - they are actually Pacific proas. Starting at ~11:00 and ending at ~12:30.
  3. That pic shows extreme (45 degrees?) flare on the main hull that I hadn't noticed or forgotten about, but a thread review shows it's been there all along. I wonder how that behaves in swell where sudden, massive changes in displacement could result from each passing wave?
  4. SpaceX plans Starlink broadband for trucks, ships, and planes Dishes will be modified for vehicles, vessels, and aircraft, SpaceX tells FCC. JON BRODKIN - 3/8/2021 https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2021/03/spacex-plans-starlink-broadband-for-cars-boats-and-planes/
  5. "heady"? I know you meant head sail but never heard it called a "heady". When the windward hull is flying it has zero reserve buoyancy (righting moment) and isn't likely to nosedive. If anything, the leeward hull might nosedive but that's more likely when the windward hull is is still in the water with reserve righting moment. Many factors like angle of aerodynamic force on the sails, boat speed, wave height and timing affect nosediving of the leeward hull but in general, I would say that if the windward hull flies before pitchpoling, the boat will likely roll over sideways without bur
  6. "A Wordy Report" indeed! Amazing that he lived aboard" and sailed so far. Some highlights, with a great deal more to read: "I have been living aboard Desesperado [sic] for 14 months and have made it from Veracruz Mexico to Bocas del Toro Panama." "Hull subdivided into three watertight sections with the tops of 5-gallon buckets set in for hatches. [These hatches have been a consistant pain in the arse, always leaking. The deck is frequently awash especially when beating to windward] " "Take note of what Gary says “The T2 is a sport canoe for one or two people”. He means it
  7. "Flying Proa" of the Marianas Islands from Canoes of Oceania by A.C. Haddon and James Hornell http://pacificproa.com/flyproa.html
  8. Not sure what you mean by "hard chine" and "slab chined leeward side"? I believe Jzerro is slightly asymmetric. Full size images here: http://pacificproa.com/brown/jzerro_haulout.html By the way, anyone who thinks they could sail this boat to tip it over is kidding themselves. Rogue waves are a different story.
  9. I generally agree with @TwoBirds about the limitations of the hull for leeway resistance vs. the effectiveness of foils (rudders and daggerboards). I can't quantify the difference but disagree about "the lost displacement" of asymmetric hulls, as shown below. This isn't necessarily how I would draw an asymmetric hull (21m, 69 feet) but it's a quick and simple demo that scales the width of each half hull (leeward and windward) such that waterline beam remains constant, along with position of the hull at the center of the boat. Two things to notice: Displacement remains constant.
  10. Not unless the shunting snowboard is otherwise faster than the single-direction board, as "good proas" can be.
  11. I mentioned it in private email to Ryan and Russell, December 14, 2018, with a link to this video: The signal delay from Earth to Mars, between 5 and 22 minutes each way, is what makes it rather amazing to me. That makes a lag from 10 to 44 minutes to see the result of any commands sent from Earth, requiring autonomous operation of the spacecraft and rover. Wow! Integration of tracker and Windy.com like that would be GREAT!!!
  12. Apparently many people at NASA are mispronouncing Jezero crater. Jezero means "lake" in several Slavic languages. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jezero_(crater)
  13. They are using your name and images extensively, including construction photos I took of Jzerro: (your video too - "Big Splash will sail like this") https://oceanpeople.org/russell-brown-proa-pioneer/ https://oceanpeople.org/construction-methods/ Really annoying that all their pages open in new browser tabs. Also: https://oceanpeople.org/jim-brown-multihull-pioneer/ https://oceanpeople.org/john-marples-multihull-pioneer/
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