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  1. In Maine. A Feud, an Ax, and a Fishing Knife: The Bloody Killing Roiling a Maine Island, Oct. 17, 2021 The death of a lobster sternman has sparked a bitter upheaval on the remote island of Vinalhaven and left a wealth of questions unanswered. https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-killing-of-roger-feltis-roils-vinalhaven-maine
  2. There is a place for lifelines across the back, though it's not obvious they are connected? My first thought was the possibility of pinching one's feet in that "trap door" he's standing on when it closes. OUCH!
  3. Your disparaging remarks indicate that you are "firmly convinced" your opinion is more valid than hers. Guess what? Opinions can be flat out wrong, no matter how firmly convinced one may be. I spoke recently with someone who works in retail and was firmly convinced that her O- blood type and strong immune system made the COVID vaccination completely unnecessary, and after all (according to her), it was only another variant of the flu. Her husband was recovering now from his second bout of COVID... I skipped the critical differences between the two and asked if she believed it was poss
  4. Talk about desperate, they don't have a boat anymore and won't get the new Rapido for a long, long time. For the most part, their content has become really pathetic, completely unrelated to sailing.
  5. This doesn't sound like an accurate analysis of the loads. It's the side load that will impact a person (or dog) sitting on the traveler, not the tail load of the sheet. The side load could be far higher than 150 lbs., especially in a jibe. Even without a jibe, it's possible to have a side load that cannot be adjusted by hand and someone might not realize that until they release the jam cleat to ease or trim the traveler, and WHAM! Down goes the traveler with ~300 lbs. of force, or more. With care, this accident waiting to happen is usually avoided or injuries are minor. But it's a c
  6. What are .HEIC files? No way will I download one to find out. Try .jpg or .png instead.
  7. Whatever else may be said about a bridge deck traveler, anyone who has worked with rigging can plainly see the danger. The number one rule on a line crew (four summers in college) was "Never stand in the bite". Meaning don't stand where failure of a sling or block could kill you when lifting power poles, transformers or pulling heavy cable. Vigorously enforced by the experienced crew watching out for the kid (me), I have never forgotten that lesson. Any traveler anywhere is potentially dangerous if someone sits on it, especially on big, fast multihulls with extreme loads on the sheets. Du
  8. Wow, that has to be a typo? Good eye. https://www.gunboat.com/series/gunboat68/#specifications Displacement (As per Standard Specifications) 17,800 kg 39,242 lbs Displacement Max Load 23,800 kg 52,470 lbs
  9. Any idea what someone's net worth needs to be to spend US$11+ million dollars on a boat? Try the top 0.1%, obscenely rich! https://dqydj.com/average-median-top-net-worth-percentiles/
  10. I was about to mention Gary Dierking in this context but I see by the reference to Tamanu that you know about him. I just realized his old blog site is gone, replaced by this, I guess, which is barely recognizable and by comparison, looks a little rough around the edges. http://outriggersailingcanoes.blogspot.com/ And this forTamanu: https://tamanuoutrigger.blogspot.com/ I know a guy on Kauai who built a strip planked Ulua, stretched as I recall.
  11. Good luck with "very fast". Did you see this thread four years ago? Looking at it now, I'm surprised to see many of the images I posted at the time because I thought most of them disappeared (due to a nasty change of policy at DropBox). Which is why I posted all those images here: http://www.islandcad.com/marine/beach_proa/ But the original thread discussion has a lot of good details. For me, an important criteria for a "beach proa" was the ability to have two guys (~400 lbs.) standing on the ama without completely sinking it. At a L/B ratio of 16:1, that dictates a minimum
  12. That might fit your username but spare yourself some hell and leave it alone. Heed the original designer/owner's advice. I see nothing but misery down that road. The videos you embedded on Tuesday look fine to me.
  13. Seems like you’d get more “bang for the buck” as a load-carrying dinghy with a pram type bow? At 5:28, Amy says "She rows like a dream with one person". At 5:41, Matt says "However, she is much harder to row with a passenger, and she tends to dig in the stern".
  14. I don't need to do anything Alex. My reading comprehension is excellent, I haven't missed anything. WTF makes you think you can tell me what I need to do? My reply to your comment was: "So with more than two adults, rowing (and sailing) are not so great? That was my point." You're working really hard to miss that point, Alex. Two adults and two kids is not four adults. The Reverso 4-part dinghy that got me started on this tangent has a stated load capacity of 396 lbs., which is only two adult men, not four. What you think doesn't make it so, it's just another unsupported opi
  15. More like 55+ degrees right now, according to Windy.com, which is cold enough to get hypothermic in ~10 minutes. Coldest near shore, it can get surprisingly warm offshore. I was stunned to hear from a sportfishing buddy that they saw 68 degrees in the summer, ~25 miles out fishing for tuna. https://www.windy.com/-Show---add-more-layers/overlays?sst,45.651,-123.995,11,m:eVbacIw https://www.currentresults.com/Oceans/Temperature/oregon-average-water-temperature.php http://nvs.nanoos.org/TunaFish This page says 59.7°F yesterday near Astoria: https://seatemperature.info/oregon-
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