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  1. @suider might know, or he can at least ask his pals who varnish those Concordia rigs all winter.
  2. Ask @Wagonmonster, he started a thread about it last year or so.
  3. You mean you want a gauge with that integral? What a novel concept. the original harken integrals had gauges and the photo online at least looks like there is still the machined threads for it at the top, although I don’t know for certains. the pressure transducer I saw online from harken had pipe thread on the end with wires sticking out the back. Is that what you were looking at? (Link didn’t work). The pressure transducers I’ve seen were teed off a run of hydraulic hose. it might be possible to plug that it to the integral but it wouldn’t look clean at all. A better opti
  4. I know someone looking for photos of that boat...
  5. Hamilton Marine has some stuff...probably would be great if you are doing some fishing.
  6. The back end of the B-40 is good for storage, but it does cut down on available room. I’d go with the swan
  7. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/vintage would you not? The word was used appropriately.
  8. If you’re thinking of dropping down in size consider clutches or winches which might limit or restrict what size you use, don’t want new line that’s too small for existing hardware
  9. Try Andersen... I missed your two speed need the first read through. Andersen does make a 12 and a 18 singles speed... The 28 two speed would be worth comparing specs to the Harkens though.
  10. Well I know it makes no difference to you, but to the OP, the sailmakers I know in the southern part of the state are plenty busy right now. Not sure about those farther up the coast. @kent_island_sailorWhere is the boat?
  11. Rockport doesn’t have any 396s, they do have at least two 395s though.
  12. Yeah, as the Git said coiling rod is the norm for the smaller stuff, -60 and under. The diameter of the coil should be 200 times the diameter of the rod. also going to a wire headstay with everything else rod isn’t that unusual. having a new headstay under a new furler is great for piece of mind.
  13. You must be kidding. What’s wrong with Poutine? Too fancy for you?
  14. @cpt_757 I think what Wess is talking about is more tension on the halyard than the forestay, so much so that the halyard is pulling the mast forward a bit, hence the need for mainsheet tension. can be an issue with a boat sans backstay. best is to use a pennant to reduce the amount of halyard exposed and a halyard restrainer mounted on the mast.
  15. I was bored and asked, he said he’d check Monday
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