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  1. Heading twine works. Different colors and diameters. If it’s left in place it should be replaced every few years. You shouldn’t be pulling too hard on a messenger line, means there’s issues
  2. As a town? It’s fine, it’s getting cleaned up a bit, not as rough as it once was. it’s got a good mix of tourist stuff and normal shops. There should be a new donut place open…Bixby chocolate makes good chocolate. Hamilton marine is right there. Walkable. The Farnsworth museum if you like those Wyeth characters (currently reading the NC illustrated Treasure Island to the boy). boat-wise you get the full spectrum from derelicts, schooners, to higher end stuff. @frozenhawaiian is working on his new boat there.
  3. I’d vote Belfast. I think it’s less touristy than Camden and a little bigger than rockport. If youre on foot Id skip bar harbor. MDI is great but it’s got lots to see scattered about.
  4. What’s happening tomorrow (Friday)?
  5. Should be fishing schooner. they were after the fisherman’s cup after all.
  6. @Ajaxre:wooden boat porn. the Shipyard Cup is running this weekend in Boothbay harbor. not the same level as the ERR or Camden Classic, but there is a good fleet assembled
  7. Hockey on grass. Love it.
  8. What was the pitch? Grass, turf, something else? Coulda started with what was underfoot
  9. https://www.unionleader.com/news/human_interest/capsized-crews-clear-thinking-helped-coast-guard-pluck-them-from-the-sea/article_8c362733-52b6-5304-8ff4-a69c1e693660.html
  10. I just happened to run into the owner of a little yard on Southport. He says he’s taking the boat north tomorrow. he couldn’t believe how much interest there was in the boat
  11. Where’d you find the boat? I saw one earlier this year in the Saco area that the owner was debating what to do with.
  12. Do you mean Stirotex? just another brand name for the same material that dyneema is. Kevlar is to aramid as spirotex is to uhmwpe, or whatever the SATs say. https://www.premiumropes.com/rope-advice/rope-materials and https://www.sail-world.com/news/238440/Introducing-Premium-Ropes-and-Stirotex-Fibre although it is unclear whether premium ropes makes the fiber or if another manufacturer does. I’d suspect the latter.
  13. Ah no, it’s summer, we pay a heating bill.
  14. probably used Bay of Fundy stats for more impact
  15. I would have gone with a different Shakespeare quote to riff on...
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