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    probably came to his sense about sanding a boat that has only 1 hull, and played the easiest card available to get out of it...
  2. Certainly wasn’t at a feeder, and I didn’t get a picture of it, but on the way home from work the other day a group was clustered at the end of the bridge. I parked and walked down to see. The Stellers Sea-eagle was sitting in a tree. Some folks were nice enough to let others use their scopes so I got a decent view. the bird has been around for a week or so in the Boothbay area. With people flying in to see it I feel a little guilty about just stumbling upon it on the way home…
  3. There was an article in the paper today about how the town managers on MDI can’t afford to live on the island. Didn’t bother reading it though.
  4. Not too sure about this tack, but I wonder if you could use a couple of the harken gizmos or some other type fitting. The enlarged hole might cover the current oblonged ones, one on each side, maybe a spacer might be needed for the thickness but the thing would be held to the boom by thread compression. Could then run dyneema with spliced eyes through it to the block.
  5. If you want to spend a small sum to make your own you’d need a winch/drill adapter, a socket, and socket wrench
  6. If you’re going to try and find actual gibb fittings you might as well find the Norseman t-fittings and go back to your original plan. there are other swage ts that are compatible with gibb
  7. Had almost a similar issue trying to get new Norseman ts…wanted to re-use the existing Norseman parts but with the age of the rig it was time to replace the ts… We were able to get new ones made by a company in the states, not sure that would help you. Hi-mod doesn’t have ‘em, but Bluewave out of Denmark does. Not sure if it’s a direct swap though.
  8. Sure go and ask a sensible question. I got some funny looks once saying Bangor was in southern maine because it’s on a tidal river. basically I can’t answer your question
  9. Well if you want close to an airport the real answer would be hampden…
  10. You should have spent more time on the back roads. Lovely scenery just north of route one. Alna and the head tide of the sheepscot are wicked in the summer.
  11. you're sailing for your vacation anyway, whats the harm?
  12. I’m not uninformer, I just play one on the TV. Im good with medieval European history
  13. Did that thanks. The link you posted isn’t as helpful as you think it is.
  14. What do you want to call them, Western Europe’s missing years? I guess Middle Ages. Although middle of what? From a western society standpoint, they were dark. Learning and education took a real back seat in Europe while it excelled just across the med. prominent trade routes weren’t in Europe. compared to what the Roman’s were it’s an apt title.
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