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  1. I'm redoing the bottom on my J/35 and found some pretty wide cracks and lifting around what I think is called the Cutlass bearing. It's a brass fitting that goes down and holds the prop shaft just in front of the propeller. Prying slightly, the chunks came off revealing those bolts. Based on that I am guessing that this is not a fiberglass failure, and that the stuff that came off is meant to be removable in order to get access to those bolts. The question is: What do I fill this in with? I have some Pettit EZ-Fair epoxy fairing compound that I'm planning to use for other much
  2. Confirmed: the red is indeed the color of my gel coat. Kinda cool!
  3. Jboats doesn't answer emails for owners of older boats. I attempted to contact them three times when I first got the boat, stating that I had a few general questions. They never answered. I then sent an email from a different address to the same email address stating that I was interested in a new boat I got a reply within minutes. They just don't give a damn. Since I am planning to redo the sides above the water line as well, I hit that with a sander and got the same red. I am 99% convinced now that my boat was originally red. I guess it makes sense! If you scrape something bad enou
  4. I am putting new bottom paint on my 1989 J/35. A couple of years ago a professional boatyard charged me to do this job, and completely screwed it up. He can clearly see that in the areas where they had the supporting pads, the paint failed utterly. Similar thing happened on my keel. Pettit Paints He's telling me that I need to take off everything down to gel coat in the affected areas. For some reason I was expecting it to be white. But there is red layer underneath the black paint and the gray primer. I am pretty sure that it is my gel coat, but for some reason the color gives me
  5. I race the boat, so loading up the peak with ballast sounds like a terrible idea. My holes are really high up and I am concerned with grinding any more than what I already have due to fear of grinding through the encapsulation and causing a bigger problem. I think I'm going to go with the epoxy route. Just placed a $220 order for 6L of epoxy (probably 3x as much as I need, but I don't want to be short and I can use it on other projects) and I am going to just fill the bottoms to the level where they will drain properly. @Bump-n-Grind you might have another story to tease me with fo
  6. @Bump-n-Grind I think it is sitting properly. The boat would have to be very deep by the bow for that stuff to even half drain. I will say that my drainage passages from the v-birth are horrible too! I've lifted up the covers to find probably about 10 gallons of standing water there once and the passages are so caked with gel coat and other at factory defects that I can barely squeeze a coat hanger through to unclog small contaminants and get it to drain at a trickle. I don't know how to safely address that problem because I've not been able to trace where the v-birth is draining to.
  7. I don't know if this is common on j35s or not, but the links between the bilge compartments on my boat were done very poorly! The holes linking the compartments were goobered over with fiberglass and gel coat which causes them to clog easily and not drain very well at all. As a result, I get a lot of standing water from my prop shaft seal which must also be allowing microbial marine life in to the bilge, which then in combination with standing water makes for some pretty disgusting stuff that grows in there without ever being able to make it to the bilge pump. I've taken a round ra
  8. @Bump-n-Grind You guys are like a bunch of old elephants! When I got the boat (going on 8 years ago now...) it was the biggest sailboat I'd ever been on. Much of the hardware was unfamiliar to me. I crewed on a '36 for 2 years (yes, a foot longer, but didn't have nearly as much 'big-boy' hardware) but the skipper was a screaming dick and didn't teach us anything despite the fact that I was there literally every single week - we sailed in the snow!! But during that whole time, set the kite only twice. I was never moved from the jib winches where the only things I learned were, "grind", "ea
  9. @Bump-n-Grind where does one find used sails? And how can I ensure that the rope built into the luff will fit my current foil setup - or are these standard?
  10. @SEC16518- I am looking for something to use in practicing, fun sails and cruising. We have an awesome carbon #3 (a #1 and a main too), but they wear out and are quite pricey! My boat came with a dacron main and #1, both marked 2007 and they both held up super well (just too heavy and cruising-cut to be competitive). @silent bobI know those guys well - good guys! I've got 8 sails from them over the past 6 years and a total of $45,385.84 spent. I sent in a request for this jib a year ago with a request for a bid and never got one - covid maybe? I pinged Alex a week ago and haven't heard b
  11. Sent them a request for a quote - thanks Mid. Anyone else have recommendations?
  12. Looking to get a Dacron jib made for my J/35. Local sailmakers seem to be too busy. What's your favorite online source?
  13. Located in Seattle and for a J/35 (if that matters). Anyone know a reasonable diesel mechanic, or someone selling a drop-in read Yanmar 3GM30F? Mine needs some TLC. It's noisy, stinky and hard to start. Hasn't gotten any worse in over 5 years, but I'd like it to be more cruise-ready. So gotta either pull and rebuild mine, or swap out with one someone had already reworked. Interested in an upgrade to the YM (glowplug version). If you know someone selling a 3GM30F/3YM30F, or someone who knows these really well and wants to rehab mine, please put us in touch.
  14. Looks like my thread got a bit hijacked here, but good info! In the meantime my DST800 setup is almost dead (showing no readings at all) about 90% of the time now. Based on what I read, I just ordered the Garmin GST-43 bundle and this will give me a speed reading. I also looked on Garmin's website and bought a separate GDT-43 depth reading unit. Total cost: $430! Ouch! Will report on their performance after install.
  15. OK - this iTC5 seems like a good idea! However, how do I know which transducers will work with this box? It says "analog" but I assume there is more to it than that! Luckily, my boat has two through-hulls at the bow, which is how the B&G stuff worked - one was speed, the other depth/temp. Im starting to think that you guys are right - packing all 3 functions into one thing doesnt seem like a good idea. Any pointers on which transducers to get? (BTW, I could care less about water temp).
  16. Guys - I do not really care about measuring leeway (I can see it on my plotter quite well and I do get GPS speed/heading). What I am searching for is something that will give me a depth reading (most importantly) and boat speed over water (two units would be fine) so long as I don't have to change them out every 2 years. What I am hearing now is that this is not an option?? Yes - in my experience, the paddle wheel on the airmar sensor sometimes take 1-1.5kn of water going over it to start moving. But that is generally not a huge problem. The biggest issue for me is losing our depth
  17. A few years ago I bought about $8k of Garmin gear to gut the aging B&G stuff on my J/35. I am generally pleased with it, but I did run into an issue about a year after installation - the Depth/Speed transducer started to periodically cut out. I checked and cleaned all of the connections to no avail. Contacted Garmin for help - this was an utter waste of time! Garmin uses a company called Airmar to make these things and the two passed me back and forth for hours asking the same questions about serial numbers, receipts and stuff... I dug out all of the information they wanted and in the end
  18. I bought a brand new Martec this spring because our old one would sometimes not open one of the blades. They looked at it, said that it could not be repaired - so I ordered a new one. New prop is much smoother and opens properly, but I think they screwed something up in the sizing or pitch - I lost a good .7 of a knot in speed with the new prop vs old. I hoped that the new prop would actually be quicker, but that was not the case. I have not had a chance to dive the boat and compare the numbers, but something is certainly not right. They either sent me the wrong size/pitch prop, or they didn't
  19. I've been looking for any pictures, history or stories about our boat. I keep forgetting to grab the hull number from it, but when I got it, she was the "Standing Ovation" out of Gig Harbor, WA. I can see UV sun lines from a previous name that must have been on her - "More Power" out of San Francisco, CA.
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