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  1. Saw an episode of Diners drive ins & dives where a chef cured his own pork bellys. then to make a BLT ground it up and made a bacon patty for the sandwich. Looked delicious.
  2. It is high time for the olympics to be held at the same venue for decades. One for summer, and one for winter. Build the facilities once, and then maintain them. The AC should do the same. I know that this is over simplified, but other than an RC, marks and judges, what are the huge costs that the host city has to bear? Private industry should handle marinas, hotel rooms, and other needs for the viewing public. The cost is easier to bear if you know that it will be used more than once.
  3. I sailed on Rebel Yell several times, a MG 30 designed by Richard Roake in Newport. He piled it up on Beavertail one night. The boat is now at T F Green airport, and has been for many years. He designed a very low drag keel for the boat, which also developed very little lift. The boat couldn't go upwind worth shit.
  4. I do agree that you do not have to be talented to make a shit ton of money. There are very many artists/bands out there that though very successful, I cannot stand and think that their "music" is just noise. Just because you, or I do not care for a certain performer, does not mean that they suck. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I enjoy many types of music, not just R&R. And I dislike several types of music as well.
  5. there is no accounting for taste. Some people have it, some do not! All of the artists mentioned must have many fans, because they made shit loads of money performing.
  6. Leave the Trump flag at home in the trash where it belongs. That's the best flag etiquette.
  7. Swan 44 VIXEN for sale in Jamestown, RI with Berthon. Well maintained, and has modifications to rudder and S&S bustle.
  8. I bet Max wishes that he could have that extra formation lap back. Thanks Cheka.
  9. I miss my 74 Alfa GTV, and being 6'2", and 180lbs
  10. My favorite show, that I can really remember was Jackson Browne at Providence Performing Arts center (excellent acoustics). Just him a piano, and a rack of 23 guitars. All acoustic show. I have been to many memorable shows over the years, and there are several bands/artists that I wish that I had seen in their heyday.
  11. I used to work for the company that decorated all the boats at EB for launchings. There was one old polish woman who built the fitted bow caps. she would not teach anyone else to do it, so when she retired they would have to call her back in for each launching. Lot of work several times a year, but it got me out of the sail loft.
  12. is that train wreck Lake Megantic (spelling) in Canada just west of Maine? I remember reading about that if it is. Brakes failed on a stopped train and it rolled down grade into the town.
  13. I guess all three photos did come up. Very moving scene with these figures approaching from the distance
  14. wrong photo came up. Korean war memorial in DC. Well worth the visit
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